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Michael Arias, director of Studio4°C’s Tekkon Kinkreet, recently commented on a Cartoon Brew post about upcoming theatrical screenings of his film in the United States. In addition to the previously mentioned NYC screenings, he mentions a couple theatrical screenings coming up in LA and Honolulu. I’ve posted complete screening details below.

I’m glad that these festival screenings make it available on the bigscreen, though it begs the question: why is a studio like 4°C, which is consistently producing some of the most innovative animation today, unable to secure stateside distribution for its films like Mind Game and Tekkon Kinkreet. I’m sure the reasons are complicated but it’s still a huge failure on the part of the US film distributors to not make quality foreign animation like this available to the public.

MoMA – The Museum of Modern Art
Roy and Nita Titus Theaters 1 & 2
Wed 4/25 (T1), Thurs 4/26 (T2), Fri 4/27 (T2) – 8:30 pm
Sat 4/28 (T2), Sun 4/29 (T2) – 2:00 pm
Mon 4/30 (T2) – 8:30 pm
Screening info here
Ticket info here

Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival
Laemmle’s Sunset 5
Sunday, May 6 – 5:00 pm
Tickets available here

Hawaii International Film Festival
Dole Cannery
Thursday, April 26 – 8:45 pm
Tickets available here

  • J

    That’s great.
    Now, how about those of us in the UK…. ;)

  • Doug

    No one should have to travel over six hours to see a movie. Ridiculous. Another one that will have to wait for dvd. Then again, probably couldn’t get a sitter anyhow.

  • Why aren’t animation festivals like Ottawa and Platform being utilized in getting these films screened? I know that Chris R. laments about this, but I would think that animation fests would be the perfect venue for such films as these you mention here. Or am I just wishful thinking?

  • Delighted to let you know Tekkon Kinkreet will also show at the PLATFORM International Animation Festival, this summer in Portland Oregon. For more details on the festival http://www.platformfestival.com, see you there Amid!

  • I’d be incredibly happy if it were screened somewhere near Atlanta, GA. I wish I could make it to these other screenings.

  • RSFred

    Looks promising. Too bad no one will ever see.

    It’s not surprising but I’m sure the reasons are quite simple. It’s hard enough getting people to see a Miyazaki even with a Diznee label slapped on it. Hell, they can’t even get people to see Iron Giant. (I bet WB wishes they were nicer to Brad Bird, but that’s beside the point.)

    You can’t really blame US distributors for not biting, though. I work in the industry where people still flock to every Dreaxar opening while overlooking things like this. I remember when Belleville opened no one had ever head of it and a total of 4 out of 60 people here went to see it. Another time, I gave a copy of Millennium Actress to some “anime” fans. They chose to rewatch their Nemo and Family Guy DVDs and till this day they haven’t even tried watching it.

    So, I guess my point is that North American animation audiences suck. At least the DVD is coming out soon.

  • Relevent

    I think it’s complicated. One reason, I think, is that many people are under the assumption that “animation is just for kids”, and anything to the contrary will either be unpopular or will generate audience backlash. I think they’re more scared of the latter than they are of the former. Confused parents would be outraged that a cartoon wasn’t designed for children, and demand answers. People would suddenly get a stick up their bum over the downfall of society where even cartoons are being perverted or some other terrible conceit.

    As for typical anime fans… From my experiences in working in a manga company interacting with fans at conventions, I’ve learned that for people who are complete fanatics about a medium, they are typically the least informed and aware about its very nature and characteristics. And they tend to have really piss-poor taste. If they like trash from America, they like the trashy equivalent from Japan. You can’t cultivate a sense of taste by changing the locale.

  • It was a bit strange reading this, as I had just had an extended conversation with someone at work about the Black & White comic and Tekkon Kinkreet, and some of the same issues you mentioned, Amid. In fact, this film has been coming up in conversation a lot for me over the last few days!

    I’m glad to see it will be showing in a few more places. I wouldn’t be surprised if it also shows at the Waterloo Festival For Animated Cinema this year and I’m crossing my fingers it will be at Fantasia in my fair city.

    But it’s ridiculous that a film like this or Mind Game has one or only a handful of screenings in a city that is lucky enough to get it.

  • Daniel Mata


    Sony has picked up the distribution rights, so its only a matter of time until its screened in most major cities.

  • Nico M

    Wanna bet we don’t see it in the UK this year?
    Maybe special at the ICA or NFI or such – but otherwise?
    Deprived of London.

  • Hello, Everyone!

    I saw the Tekkon at the MoMA premiere on April 25th and I absolutely enjoyed it! From the reactions of the people during the Q and A session with director Michael I think everyone else did too.

    One of the audience questions did touch upon the reality that anime/animation as a feature length film is dying here in the US while Japan is able to create films such as Tekkon and what ideas does Michael have to resuscitate it…He did acknowledge that part of the problem is a lack of expertise stemming from a diminishing number of younger people wanting to do traditional hand-drawn animation. Sadly, he didn’t know of any remedies just yet…

    I did get a chance to converse briefly with Director Michael – he is very gracious (he even agreed to autograph my ticket and ended up sketching Shiro!) and mentioned that to look for a wide US release by June/July. So there is still hope!! He also said to promote it, so please support and watch when it comes out!

  • Dave

    Hey All- This thread is probably way dead but I’m wondering if there has been any word about release dates for other areas in North America? Thanks