Watch: Seth MacFarlane’s ‘Ted 2′ Trailer


Here’s the trailer for Seth MacFarlane’s Ted 2, which will be released by Universal on June 26. Following the release of Paddington earlier this month, it will be second American release this year to star an animated CGI bear in the lead role.

In the sequel, Ted gets married to a human woman and must prove to the U.S. government that he is a human so that he can have custody of his child. The film is written by the same writing team as the original: MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.

The original Ted in 2012 was a surprise box office smash, grossing $549 million worldwide on a modest budget of $50 million. MacFarlane’s second film, A Million Ways to Die in the West, released last year, grossed just $86 million worldwide.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    I’ll admit, I laughed at a few jokes in there such as Ted’s answer to whether he had a soul, and the bit with the blind guy getting a cookie crisp flipped into his butt crack and Ted claiming that his five year old son did it.

  • Jonathan Lyons

    If Ted and Paddington got into a fight, I have to think that Paddington’s teeth and claws would give him an advantage over Ted’s street smarts. However, I wouldn’t put it past Ted to pull a switchblade out of his butt. Advantage: Ted.

  • Roberto Gonzalez

    I admit I enjoyed the first movie and Im not a MacFarlane fan at all. Most people I Know, either McFarlane fans or not, didn’t like it. I also think this one looks different and funny enough, although sperm jokes don’t do much for me. This MacFarlane Guy is influential, I wouldnt expect Morgan Freeman in a Movie like this one.

    A Million Ways To Die In The West was terrible, though, the trailers made it look much funnier than it really was.

  • Toonio

    The typical business mind set these days:, “if we were successful due to a fluke, we can do it again!”..

    Then add to the mix a generation with too much money in their hands, which keeps perpetuating the production of atrocities like ted and viola, a second part!

    But hey, it has Marky Mark, Morgan Freeman and the guy from Flash. See, lots of pop culture references and anti-establishment jokes.


    • Don’tGetIt

      What is the “fluke” you are talking about? Do you think a record breaking number of people accidentally bought tickets to see the original Ted?

      • jonhanson

        A lot of people seem to think it’s a fluke when people like things that they don’t.

    • Barrett

      I wouldn’t say “Ted” was a success because of a fluke, but rather that it hit more of the typical “Family Guy fan” funny bone points than “A Million Ways to Die in the West.” A Million Ways was a better film, but Ted has the kind of college guy/college dropout/man-child in his 30s humor that keeps Family Guy a hit with most such dudes. There was a brief period early on when Family Guy had more broad appeal, but after it returned from cancellation the show got a lot more polarizing and now most people either love it or hate it. There are enough people who love that kind of comedy and Seth’s voice acting to make movies like Ted a hit. The fact that Seth was basically “playing himself” instead of various animated characters is probably the main reason “A Million Ways to Die” died.

  • Cheese

    After I’ve watched this trailer, I noticed a few scenes borrowed from 2 episodes of Family Guy season 4.

    1. The sperm spill scene was a reference to where Peter Griffin accidentally spilled sperm in the episode where Stewie meets Bertrum at the local playground in “Sibling Rivalry.”

    2. The singing part in the courthouse was a reference to Brian’s positive reaction after taking the next step as a bachelor in “Brian the Bachelor.”

    In the trailer, the only difference in the sperm spill scene is Ted taking pictures of his pal getting spermed, and the judge gave Ted a five in the courthouse.

    • L_Ron_Hoover

      Actually the “it’s in my eyes” is the same joke as the “it’s in my raccoon wounds” from the Family Guy episode ‘To Live and Die In Dixie.’ Seth MacFarlane isn’t original? No way!

    • Ryoku240

      Lets not forget who made Family Guy.

  • D

    Honestly can they stop giving this hack free reign to make his cinematic abominations. I have never been a huge MacFarlane fan but when he was working on other peoples shows he was a great writer who did good work, even the 1st season of Family Guy was alright but for whatever reason the corporate yes-men of the world kept telling this guy he was an artistic genius and now we are suffering the results of his wrongly inflated ego.

    The 1st Ted had its moments and was OK for what it was but it was far from a great film. Ted was still juvenile, bland, unfunny at times relying too much on the gimmick of a cute little teddybear saying crude things and was amateurish in every aspect of the directorial craft.

    A Million Ways to Die in the West was even worse. It was a self-indulgent painfully unfunny, piss poor attempt at the western satire. Half of the jokes wouldn’t even fly on a standard Family Guy episode and Macfarlane’s acting chops were non-existent, in fact he was a blackhole of talent on that film, his sheer presence and wooden chemistry with his supporting cast brought their performances down to rock bottom as well. Also didn’t care for the look of that film either I felt like I was watching a trip to pioneer village not a comedy film taking place in the wild west.

    After A Million Ways to Die in the West disappointed and even left Macfarlane’s die-hard fanboys indifferent to it I thought there would be no possible way they would give this guy another film deal, sadly I was wrong.

    Based off the trailer alone I’ll give it to Ted 2 it seems to have more of a plot going for it than the 1st film and just like with the 1st Ted it looks like it’ll have its moments but still I can’t help but feel its another forced, hackneyed and trite comedic film from Seth MacFarlane’s cavalcade of mediocrity.

    Half the jokes in this trailer are awful, Macfarlane still doesn’t seem to know how to compose a shot and that sperm bank scene is just a half-assed riff on a similar joke that Macfarlane made in an American Dad episode, he has finally descended into self-plagiarism a testament to how this guy doesn’t have a single original idea in his head. Even Mark Wahlberg’s performance from what I have seen looks second rate, he is a good actor and was one of the best parts of the original film and in this trailer it looks like even he doesn’t give a damn anymore.

    I sincerely hope that this sequel bombs or does worse than projected so that no other studio will allow Seth Macfarlane to crap all over a form of artistic media again.

    • C

      Whew, glad we got THAT out of our system!

    • Glass

      For someone that hates him so much you’ve seen alot of his shows and movies.

      • D

        Fair enough though I never said I watched any of his films of my own volition. I was roped into seeing Ted and A Million Ways To Die in the West by some friends of mine and I let them know ahead of time that the movie was gonna be terrible and you know what by the movies end they kind of agreed with me. I don’t think my comments were enough to make them despise MacFarlane but my comments have certainly made them more critical of his work.

        Also I have no shame in stating that I watched American Dad for a MacFarlane show that one actually had some good plot lines and engaging characters, it was also largely devoid of cutaway jokes and juvenile fratboy humor.

      • Markham

        At least he knows what he’s criticizing? I don’t get your point here.

    • Mr. Guy

      I actually liked Millions ways more than Ted. I saw it recently. Because of a horrible HORRIBLE trailer, I had braced myself for shit. In first 10 minutes i didn’t know what to make of his performance, but once I saw where this movie was going, I got it. His performance grew on me. I was also surprised with the story.

      At it’s heart, A Million Ways was a Romantic Comedy. A lot of people don’t like that genre, myself included. But the set up of a guy in the brutal west needing to grow balls and believe in himself was touching. And the dynamic between MacFarlane and Theron was intimate and romantic. I was surprised to be wrapped up in the drama of the story. In the end MacFarlane’s performance was very honest and fitting to what the story was going for.

      As for the comedy. I actually laughed at most of the humor, it wasn’t as reference dependent as Ted. And I don’t mean the kind of stuff that was in the trailer, those were all terrible. The three or four fart jokes in the movie were meh, and I shrugged off the one back to the future reference joke in the whole movie. I didn’t mind the Django reference was fine to me cause it happened after the story was over, right before the end credits. AND it was a clever call back to an earlier scene in the movie.

      I thought the guy dating a hooker was pathetic and hilarious… and later very endearing! People flipping out over a one dollar bill. The ingredients on the snake oil salesmen’s elixir. the rumored smiling picture from Texas. The witty banter between Anna and Albert was snappy. I could go on. I think what hurt the film is that so many elements were classy but it would just go far in other ways. it was polarizing.

      I didn’t like stuff like the 10 gallon hat full of diarrhea spilling, the sheep dick pissing on Albert while he hides in the heard, and I guess I’ll throw the fart jokes in this pile. Those kind of things detracted everything else it had going for it. As if MacFarlane almost had the balls to make something “classy” but felt the need to stuff in raunchy things to keep an edge. In this case, it dulled it a bit.

      In the end though, those things didn’t obliterate the movie for me. I mean, for the sake of comparing, even Blazing Saddles has jokes that miss. I thought Million Ways was mostly funny, and ON TOP of it, the drama was rich, the romance was touching, and the action was exciting.

      I really think this movie was a case where the trailer really did ruin it, and Seth MacFarlane’s name has a lot of bad baggage behind it for a lot of people. Thanks to the decisions of some greedy Fox Executives ringing every last drop out of him and a frustrated South Park creator’s insanely thorough critique.

      I was really ballsy of him to chose to star in it. And if you want to pull the narcissism card on him, for one, come on… -most performers are. And for two, once i actually watched the movie and took my head out of meta state (something people can’t seem to do anymore) I felt the story and performance was coming from an honest place.

      I don’t consider this movie the best comedy ever. But I definitely don’t consider it an absolute failure like most people did. I don’t think they even gave it a chance. I’ll admit I didn’t until I saw it last week.

      Regardless of how I feel about a Hollywood personality, I’ll never knock on someone for trying shit, and I’ll give it a fucking chance at least. Isn’t that was art/entertainment is all about?

      • Roberto González

        I kinda see your point but I can’t agree. I guess things like the 10 gallon hat full of diarrhea were so bad to me that they throwed me out of the movie. And yeah, the characters weren’t too unlikeable and the romantic element was handled decently, but it just didn’t have so many jokes in it, so it was a same that half of them were kind of bad.

        On the other hand Ted was more generic in its looks and its genre, not being in the far west and all, and it was more your typical Judd Apatow-like movie, almost like a sitcom and the humor was more simmilar to Family Guy, but I just found it quite funnier overall and even the nastiest and most gross gags in it (like the prostitute’s poop) were kinda funnier than the diarrhea thing.

        Both of them were half-assed but I think A Million Ways had more potential but it was also more wasted while Ted delivered by its standards.

    • John A

      Wow. You need to lighten up. The guy just makes movies, it’s not like he’s a serial killer or anything. In terms of cinematic crimes against comedy, Adam Sandler is an even greater offender, but he’s still walking the streets a free man.
      Here’s an idea, instead of memorizing this guy’s output so you can you can let everybody know exactly what you don’t like, why don’t you just try ignoring it, like I do.

  • OtherDan

    I admit, I’m a MacFarlane fan-except when he does stupid shit. But, “Ted” is funny, stupid shit.

  • L_Ron_Hoover

    It’s sad that such beautiful animation is squandered on trash like this. The jokes are cringeworthingly bad. The plot-line is actually interesting and a good idea for a sequel to Ted but these jokes stink. I hope those CG artists were paid well.

    Also, wow, that fake New England accent is terrible. I GET, you’re from Boston!

  • D. Harry

    uh, did that fist bump miss it’s mark at the end of the trailer??

  • Ryoku240

    I don’t get what there is to hate with these films, yea the jokes are infantile, yea the bear moves like jelly, but its not like anyones going to remember Ted 2 3 years down the line.

    I’m sure the writers could write plenty clever gags, but thats not what sells. Focus groups want the mindless stuff, people on the street would sooner laugh at a fart than a clever deadpan joke (they actually take that deadpan jokes seriously), until smartphones have an app that gives their users wit, we’ll just get more mindless comedies.

    Bonus points if Ted 2 has someone get their balls hit, or a “slow mo” shot since Matrix references haven’t gone out of style. Again, people eat this crap up.

  • Barrett

    Ted was funny if you’re into MacFarlane’s schtick, but A Million Ways to Die in the West was actually an overlooked gem. That movie worked i a number of ways, and honestly felt like a more sophisticated film than Ted (confessedly, not a high bar.) I am not sure if it’s people being bored with westerns, or the lack of a CG co-star, but it seems to have been ignored. I’d rent “A Million Ways” again before I’d go see Ted 2.

  • Brett Wharton

    I’ll contrast with the negativity on here. I enjoyed Ted. I think this looks pretty funny too. Original concept, nice execution, and some pretty funny jokes.

  • HalSolo

    Well that trailer blew its load early on.