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Weekend Box Office Report

Animation wasn’t much of a factor at the North American box office this week. Here are the FINALS for the 4-day holiday weekend with totals in parentheses.

Yogi Bear: $7.4M ($84.2M)
Tangled: $5.6M ($182.7M)
Megamind: $905,655 ($145.7M)
Despicable Me: $87,670,000 ($251.5M)
The Illusionist: $80,500 ($274,000)
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole: $18,697 ($55.7M)

Around the world, Tangled was the #1 film, pulling in $26.3 million from 43 territories. Its total at the worldwide box office now stands at over $360 million.

  • Michael F.

    I’m surprised Yogi Bear has done as well as it has. You would have thought that the bad reviews would have done it in. Maybe it has something to do with adding 3D at the last minute?

    • Justin

      I’m glad Yogi Bear is doing so well, but this brings us to this question; I heard rumor that if the Yogi Bear movie did well there may be a chance that the second season of Huckleberry Hound will be released on DVD. Is there a chance of that happening at some point?

      • djm

        I’m sure you’re glad its doing well, Justin.


      • No. Warners won’t pay what the music rights holders want.

        And the audience for the 13 remaining unreleased Yogi cartoons is not, I suggest, whoever went to see that movie.

  • Heinz

    And ‘Summer Wars’???

    • J.M.

      Not trying to spam — and I HATE the online retailer that’s offering it — but a certain someplace is selling Summer Wars for only $16.99 if you pre-order now. (The official release date is 2/15.) Again, I wish I could point you towards a similar deal someplace less…monstrous…but I really just want folks to check out this flick. IT’S WONDERFUL!

  • Mike!

    Despicable Me is STILL playing? Holy cripe.

  • Not sure if it’s already been mentioned, but as of now, five of the Top 10 Features of 2010 were animated features, with Toy Story 3 as the leader and Tangled bringing up the rear.

  • Wait, where the hell is Despicable Me playing? That movie’s already out on DVD.

  • Darkblader

    Audiences must be stupid if Yogi Bear is doing that well…

  • How much of that box office do the producers/filmmakers of the Illusionist get? And what was the production budget of it?

  • Steve

    Awww, I saw tangled this weekend. Really liked it! Glad to see I was part of those numbers! :D

  • Inkan1969

    Remember that “Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance” opens this Friday. Here’s the schedule.