Weekend Box Office Report

The Illusionist

No new animated films this week in the US. The quick fading Yogi Bear dropped from fourth to eighth place with an FINAL $6.6 million and a grand total of $75.4 million. Disney’s Tangled took an FINAL $5.1 million in its 7th weekend, good for tenth place. Its total now stands at $175.8 million.

Sylvain Chomet’s The Illusionist earned an FINAL $34,400 from three theaters. Its three work total is an impressive $180,000. By contrast, Mamoru Hosoda’s Summer Wars took in $13,604 from 11 theaters, and its three-week total is a paltry $33,089. Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip earned a FINAL $13,039 from 4 theaters for a total of $167,939.

(Final numbers will be updated on Monday afternoon.)

  • http://weirdocorner.blogspot.com Eric Noble

    I know I will be adding to that $180,000 when “The Illusionist” comes to Seattle. I hope it does very well so Sylvain Chomet can make more films. I hope to see him evolve as a filmmaker.

    • http://jeanmorel.blogspot.com jean morel

      i hope it does well too.
      the only thing is it cost 18 million to make,has been
      released almost a month and is playing in 3 theaters.
      180,000 doesn’t sound to good to me.
      a film usually has to make more than it cost to be a success.

  • Upstanding Citizen

    I blame GKids for Summer Wars’s intake.

    Note to folks who come in contact with them…whatever success is attributed to them was actually in SPITE of their actions.

    • Inkan1969

      Really? Does GKids have a bad reputation? I thought they did a decent job with “The Secret of Kells”.

  • Deaniac

    Wow, that’s a huuge drop for Yogi Bear. I’m glad it’s underperforming/bombing?, that movie looked HORRIBLE.

  • Trevor

    Is there a place to look up when/if The Illusionist will be in your area?

  • Darkblader

    I got a feeling that Yogi bear is going to be failing, hopefully the next failures of live-action/CG cartoon films will be so bad to cancel the ones in the development stages. Cannot wait to see the results.

    • droosan

      Result: mass unemployment for hundreds of CG artists who currently work hard at legitimate & somewhat well-paid jobs.

      Lovely hopes you’ve got, there. <_<

  • Joe

    Saw the Illusionist last week, but I watched Summer Wars today based on reading this post, and it was incredibly good. I loved both features. Hope they both do well.

  • Stephen M. Levinson

    Does anyone know the average cost to get a film, maybe even one that’s independently produced into a movie theatre?

  • james madison

    Hey Stephen -

    To rent/4 wall a theater for a week could cost between $6000.00 – 8000.00
    From what I have heard and depending on the theater you keep the box office receipts for renting for a week. (aka 4 walling the theater)

    • Stephen M. Levinson

      Thanks James! :)

  • Johnno

    So I guess there’s no chance of SUmmer Wars coming this side theaterically… Well there’s always the blu-ray… This will be on blu-ray, right? I was disappointed that The girl who lept through time was not… at least not outside of Japan…

  • http://www.sexymecha.com Hal

    Any word on MY DOG TULIP getting a second LA run? Missed it at Nuart months ago.

  • Kate Burck

    I am very much looking forward to adding to the Illusionist’s total when it opens here at the end of the month.