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Weekend Box Office Report: “Megamind” Drops to Second


In its third weekend, DreamWorks Animation’s Megamind dropped to second place at the North American box office with a final gross of $16 million. Its total gross now stands at $109.3 million after 17 days. The film performed poorly mid-week, and “its 44 percent second-week drop was steeper than that of any other DreamWorks Animation movie besides the Madagascar movies,” according to Box Office Mojo. Comparable grosses for other mid-range CG features at this stage: How To Train Your Dragon had earned $133.4 million after seventeen days, Monsters vs. Aliens ($140.2 million), Despicable Me ($161.3), Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs ($139.7), Happy Feet ($121.5) and Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa ($137.1). The film is currently tracking to be the 10th highest grossing DreamWorks film somewhere between the $160.9M of Shark Tale and the $180M of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa.

On the independent side, Paul and Sandra Fierlinger’s My Dog Tulip earned $8,622 from four theaters pushing its total to $123,221. This week it will surpass the US releases of Tokyo Godfathers and Appleseed.

  • Killskerry

    As much as I adored this movie maybe a little lower box office return will save it from Dreamwork’s detestable sequalitis.

    It really doesn’t need one.

  • I’ve seen more than one media sage mistake “Despicable Me” for a DWA movie.

    That’s interesting in itself with several layers of potential meaning.

    However, is it possible that three Dreamworks movies in one year is over saturation? Even though none of them is bad?

    And then there’s the defacto oversaturation of having competitor’s films mistaken for their own.

  • Tokyo Godfathers is one of the best movies ever.
    pity, that more Americans are not watching it

  • Despicable Me also had the benefit of costing $100 Million less than Megamind; probably more so if you factor in all the advertising.

    I’ve been wondering when the constantly ballooning budgets of animated features was going to catch up to the studios. Even if Pixar’s avoided it so far, Dreamworks might be feeling the pinch.

    Grossing $110 Million and still being well in the hole suggests studios might want to tamp down the budgets a bit.

  • Inkan1969

    Of course, “Megamind”‘s weak third week might have to do with a certain franchise film that destroyed everything in sight…

  • Ethan

    Grant Beaudette, you got your facts wrong. Megamind is tracking a little below Madagascar 2, which made 600M$ worldwide, so you can expect at least 400M$ for the whole run. Analysts from boxofficemojo estimated the cost at 130M$ including marketing. For a third film in a single year, squeezed by Harry Potter, they could have done much worse.

    This year, DW is on track to have the biggest box office revenue in history for an animation studio. It could be over 1.6 billion worldwide box office, with an estimated cost of 460M$ for 3 features. Don’t worry about them, I don’t think they’re feeling any pinch.

    On the other hand, for Tangled, analysts are estimating a total cost of 260M$ because they restarted the production and made it into a typical 5-songs musical. Disney could be feeling the pinch for that one, however. No matter how much they played it safe.

  • Arthur F.

    I was just wondering how with all that budget, “Megamind” has what looks like a character from Nicks “Barnyard” – Eugene “Snotty Boy” Bead ….

  • Rufus

    I regret going to see “Megamind”. It was a sub-par movie, boring at best. In fact, I fell asleep for a short time while watching it. Wish I could get a refund for the ticket.

  • Simon

    Amid: the steep drop this weekend for megamind is due to HP’s opening, which is always extremely front loaded so its expected megamind will drop much slower going forward and remain in cinemas for sometime. I’m sure you already know that but nice try at skewing the figures for your usual desperate agenda…

    regardless this film is already the 3rd hit for DW this year, and as mentioned above will make them the ONLY animation studio in history to do so.

    Keep trying though!

    • amid

      Simon – The decline that Box Office Mojo was reporting was for the film’s second week, which took place last Monday-Friday. Harry Potter didn’t open until last Friday, so it doesn’t account for Megamind’s decline throughout the week, which is what was being reported.

  • Simon

    Amid: Sorry but Harry Potter had over $25 million in pre sale tickets at 36 hours before its friday night opening. You can’t really argue that those sales don’t factor into the midweek boxoffice figures….

  • Bob

    I caught up with Megamind this weekend and — I loved it. As a longtime Superman fan, there’s no way I couldn’t respond to such a witty parody of everything Metropolis. I laughed like a loon for most of it — the only downside for me was the regrettable (and inevitable) intrusion of rock music numbers. Other than that — one of my favorites of the year.

  • How much of the gross box office ($125k) do the filmmakers/copyright owners of My Dog Tulip get to keep?

    Was it sold to their distributor or is their distribution deal structured differently?

    I’m glad for their success, but as an independent filmmaker myself currently developing my first feature and some shorts, I am curious about the possible financially viable avenues for distribution and exhibition.

  • Normally I’d want a good movie to gross as much money as possible, but I’m glad Megamind is underperforming. I’d hate to see it ruined with a sequel.

    (Then again, the Madagascar sequel was good.)

  • Alissa

    Plenty of people saved their ticket money for Harry Potter. Afterall, with ticket prices the way they are alot of families I know have been picky about what they see in theater vs. waiting to rent on dvd.

  • Yeah but just wait for Tangled and all its Princess merchandise ,is gonna Smash Megamind in the blink of an eye.