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‘The Wild Life,’ Yet Another Talking-Animal Pic, Slated for Fall Release

Did anyone ask for another animated feature this year with lots of sassy, gabbing cartoon animals? Lionsgate doesn’t care. They’re going to release The Wild Life into U.S. theaters on September 9, 2016, through their Summit Entertainment label:

The Wild Life is actually the Belgian feature Robinson Crusoe, retitled for American audiences. In this loose adaptation of Daniel Defoe’s tale of a castaway marooned on an island, Crusoe must team up with a bunch of animals to defeat a couple of savage cats who are trying to take over his tropical home.

Ben Stassen and Vincent Kesteloot directed at nWave Pictures (The House of Magic, Fly Me to The Moon), which produced the pic with Studiocanal. It opened last month in Germany, and has grossed a respectable $4.6 million to date in that country.

Lionsgate released Norm of the North earlier this year to the tune of $17m box office gross. They also released last year’s Shaun the Sheep Movie, an Aardman production that earned $19.4m in U.S. box office, as well as an Oscar nomination.

  • Johnny Bravado

    What if animals could talk?! This movie also answers the question of, “What if monkeys could use Blender?”

    • Rae

      I wanna see THAT movie. Somebody fund monkey filmmakers

  • daniel thomas

    Yes, it’s yet another cookie-cutter cartoon that’s identical to everything else flooding the Western animation market. On the other hand, it sells movie tickets. We’re always hopeful for smaller animation studios to succeed in this current environment, even though the lack of diversity remains an issue.

    On a slightly related note, Isao Takahata’s 1991 masterpiece Only Yesterday (Omohide Poro Poro) is now, at long last, playing in US theaters. Tired of talking animals? How about an emotional character drama that fuses Ozu and Bergman with Warhol Pop? If you wanted to see what Todd Haynes would look like in animation, here’s your answer.

    • Abdullah Zubair

      But what if the idea is just really good but still looks a bit like every other western movie…??
      One of these days, they will make a talking animal movie that is worth watching…

  • Gagaman

    That’s odd, I guess this name change is just for the US as I saw a poster for it as ‘Robinson Crusoe’ here in the UK.

    • J.S

      yep, in Latin America is also being marketed as ‘Robinson Crusoe’.

    • Tre

      Same in Germany weirdly. I’ll never fully understand why the name is changed like that. It doesn’t change what the film actually is whether it be bad or good.

      • Abdullah Zubair

        Since it is not actually about Robinson Crusoe, people might get confused…This name can lead to more people watching it…Same goes for trailers as well as the fact that they are dubbed in different languages, just yesterday, I watched the trailer for Urdu version of Kung Fu Panda 3 and it gave away major spoilers and added extra dialogues to some scenes making them more funny…The problem was that the US trailer just gave a basic plot point while this actually sounded like a different movie all in all….It is just done to make a few extra bucks

  • I actually really like the designs, they’re different looking. It’s just the dialogue and the tone of the trailer that seems annoying.

  • jhalpernkitcat

    It does get points for having a tapir and a pangolin amongst the talking animals. That’s about it though.

  • ea

    These are the only types of talking-animal animated movies I’d pay to see in theaters:

  • Lionsgate…stop! Stop patronizing us, you don’t know how to market an animated film.

  • Marc Hendry

    Is that the same font as “The Wild” (from about 2006)?

  • Andrew Kieswetter

    Wasn’t there an aborted Disney feature called The Wild Life? What was that supposed to be about?