Worst (Cartoon Character-adapted-to-Live Action) Movie – <em>Ever!</em> Worst (Cartoon Character-adapted-to-Live Action) Movie – <em>Ever!</em>
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Worst (Cartoon Character-adapted-to-Live Action) Movie – Ever!

Nothing like watching a guy in a Baby Huey suit singin’ the blues… This heart wrenching scene is from Baby Huey’s Great Easter Adventure (1999) directed by Stephen Furst (“Flounder” from Animal House) – and I believe that’s Furst under the suit and singing!

(clip via Everything Is Terrible)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Yeesh! What some guys will do to get their DGA card. And I’ve always found it strange that any bird need a diaper, just ask any statue.

  • Brian O.

    Proof that trying to top Famous Studios is harder than it looks.

    Bless Stephen Furst for putting his heart into this, though.

  • Katella Gate

    For the first few seconds, I hoped this might be a parody of “Sad Kermit” singing “Hurt” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57ta7mkgrOU

    Alas, it was just schlock. No hard feelings if I oped out after the first verse?

  • RDee

    “Why am I so different??”

    Besides being an idiot man child in a diaper???


  • Well, I don’t see singing giant baby ducks singing the blues anyday.

  • Chris B

    I think Hollywood needs to stop trying with the live action duck movies…EEghaad..Whats Ironic is I saw a you tube video for Mama Cass’ song “different”today from the man in suit Pufnstuf movie.Hahaha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZzfM05tSfM&feature=player_embedded

  • Unfortunately, I remember this.

    The dirt won’t come off….
    It won’t come off……

  • Ohh, that was painful! I wish better things for Furst. When I was still a student at art school I got a chance to direct a low budget commercial, so I went to the acting dept and Furst (he was Furstein at that time) agreed to work for free. He was totally professional, very funny and had a great screen presence. Flounder was a great role and he was also a regular on Saint Elsewhere, too.

  • Ted

    He was Vir on Babylon 5. It does sound like him, but why would you assume he’s in the suit and not just providing the vocal track?

  • captainmurphy

    It is still better than the Howard the Duck costume design; at least it attempts to keep some general resemblance to the character as it appeared in comics.

  • Aaaaiiiieeeee! Dr. Quest!

  • top cat james

    Does “Pinto” play Huey’s rageaholic father?

  • udx

    I thought Scrappy Doo was the worst cartoon character ever.

  • First line of dialogue says it all.

  • ok, that made me completely crack up. funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

  • I actually remember when this showed up on VHS back in 1999. Fortunatley I don’t remember much of it other than the saturday-morning-produced short film that was attached at the end of the video.

  • Katella Gate

    udx says:
    I thought Scrappy Doo was the worst cartoon character ever.

    No, Rubik’s Cube is the worst cartoon character ever.

  • This is disturbing on so many levels, & that’s besides the fact that there’s a giant diaper-clad duck involved.

    At least the costume looks pretty well-made. & I bet that’s where 70% of the budget went too.

  • Marcia Brady was in this gem.

  • The other candidates for “worst live-action version of a cartoon”, I guess, are Popeye (which I personally liked a lot), Howard the Duck, Underdog, and that Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. Oh, and the Boris and Natasha movie, maybe.

    But Baby Huey is really bad, especially for a vanity project. Whose vanity is served by putting on a Baby Huey costume?!

  • uncle wayne

    As a true Harveytoonaholic…..Ycchhkk!! I haven’t been that animatedly-embarrassed since “Cool World!”

  • Darin M

    Looks like a fresh load in that diaper.

  • Gerard de Souza


  • Gerard de Souza

    It’s not even the blues…it’s an emo dirge.
    Is it that these idiots never seen the cartoon or have they seen the cartoon and think they can better it?

  • FP

    Huey and Howard Team-up!

    –Rubik’s Cube is the worst cartoon character ever–


    and the audio isn’t making it better either…


  • Christopher Cook

    If I could corner the market on sporks for every time something like this comes up, I’d be filthy rich.

  • Too bad Marty Taras got to miss it.

  • Shmorky

    I saw the VHS tape for this years ago at a video store. I saw that it came with a Baby Huey short done by Carbunkle’s studio. Not even that could sell me. It looks like pure disease.

  • BTW, later in the movie Little Audrey sings with Baby Huey to cheer him up. And Little Lotta is in this mess, too.

    I wish I was kidding.

  • Patrick


  • Ben

    All I can say is that the costume is cute, in a mascot walking around a theme park kind of way. But why a movie? I guess I just don’t get why somebody felt the need to translate Baby Huey, of all characters, to live-action??

  • c’mon guys… the poignancy! the heart-rending sorrow! i’m afraid you all just don’t “get” it! oh wait, nevermind, i just started bleeding from the backsides of my eyes.

  • Jody Morgan

    udx says:
    I thought Scrappy Doo was the worst cartoon character ever.

    Actually, I think the title of this post should be parsed more like ‘Worst (Cartoon Character adapted to Live Action) Movie – Ever!’, i.e., the worst movie of live-action version of a cartoon character.

  • Jody Morgan – Okay, let’s try it. I’ve changed the title of the post per your suggestion. Thanks!

  • What this musical number really needs is a guy costumed as Thuh Fox, constantly swinging at the oblivious Huey with axes and other weapons—and constantly missing.

    Why produce this mess, by the way? This was the heyday of Barney the Dinosaur, and as far as I can remember, the intent was to launch the costumed Huey character in a similar series. From the “any publicity is good publicity” department…

  • Bruce


    Good thing CG was invented to save us from stuff like this.

    I have no idea if I’m serious or sarcastic with that line.

  • I do remember seeing the clamshell cover for this at a festival garage sale, and it made me squeal a little. Only a little. Because it was another but more obscure Paramount cartoon character that was being mad into a movie. I felt like a sucker. Thank goodness now I didn’t buy it because when I first saw this I was really just searching for an older copy of the UAV PD tape of a certian Famous Studios farmer adaptation, since those probably had the Paramount logo on them.

    I wonder if Paramount’s logo was fake or not on the UAV tape.

  • Joel Strewth

    Larry Levine:
    “Marcia Brady was in this gem.”

    And Joe Izuzu, and Squiggy, and Agnes DiPesto, and Toby Pedalbee (aka the only recognizable face in United 93). You could tell they were REALLY aiming for the parents as well as the kids.

    Yeah, I saw this film, and it makes Howard look good in comparison.

  • cliffclaven

    Did anybody really like Baby Huey as a kid? Even though the same people were producing them all, Casper was less cloying and Herman & Katnip more witty by comparison. And there was that creepiness throughout, from Huey picking up and smooching his mother to the unfunny pain inflicted on both Huey and the wolf.

    I recall the comic books were a bit funnier than the cartoons, centering on Huey’s blundering in wolf-free settings with his hapless Pop in tow. The one I remember clearly had the “Uniduck States Marines”, thinking Huey was a grownup with bad fashion sense, fudging an IQ test so they could draft him.

  • I vaguely remember this movie…What a weird childhood I must’ve had.

    How insanely strange. This is definitely the worst ” ” movie ever, Jerry!

  • John A

    Best video I’ve ever seen featuring a giant incontinent duck.


    Okay…that’s just stupid.

  • At least we got to see the covered bridge at the Golden Oak Ranch! To Malcolm Thomas: It will come off if you take a bath in tomato juice!

  • mark cee

    C’mon Jerry, I thought you liked Terry Toons…! Har-har.

    A very good reason not to do live action versions of cartoons.

  • Kel

    Right now Big Bird is watching this and saying “Who’s the freak show?”

  • To the line “What am I” my seven year old son watching over my shoulder answered “your a giant duck dude.” I am pretty sure that sums it up.

  • vzk

    It might have been better if Huey sang Radiohead’s “Creep” instead.

    But I’m a creep,
    I’m a weirdo
    What the hell am I doin’ here?
    I don’t belong here

    Pretty similar.


    I wish I was special
    You’re so f—ing special.

    (Although a grown individual wearing diapers and behaving like a baby would probably be considered “special”.)

  • I agree with vzk
    Perhaps Baby Huey should just off himself now.

  • Pedro Nakama

    Just saw a sneak peek of the new Transformers movie. Baby Huey looks a lot better!

  • brak

    This…is simply hilarious.

  • captainmurphy

    Only knew Baby Huey from the comic books mostly (I have seen some of the cartoons though), and what I liked was it occasionally seemed to share some of the odd exaggerated perspective that they used on Stumbo the Giant, and that Huey just didn’t appear in the other Harvey Comics as much, I never was overexposed to the character. I couldn’t remember a gag from one of the stories to save my life though.

  • Jody Morgan

    Jerry Beck says:

    Jody Morgan – Okay, let’s try it. I’ve changed the title of the post per your suggestion. Thanks!

    Well, to be honest, I meant it to be just a clarification, rather than a suggestion to change the title of your post; it’s your (and Amid’s) blog, after all. But if you’re happy with the new title, hey, I’m glad to help out.

    Getting back on topic: I really can’t think of too many cartoon-to-live-action features I’ve seen, and none of them have been dreadful. The biggest disappointment was The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle, which started out well and ended very poorly; the best was (and I’m sure I’ll get some heat for this, if anyone’s still paying attention to this thread) Speed Racer, which was so overblown and so full of blue screen and CGI work that it was virtually still a cartoon.

  • One good thing (perhaps the only one) about that live-action Baby Huey is that the VHS (I believe DVD as well) contained a cartoon from the rather interesting Carbunkle Cartoons revival of Baby Huey from the mid-1990’s. Alas, that series has not received its own home video release to my knowledge, though some episodes are (or were) available for sale at Google Video

  • rachel

    “This is freaking me out.” That’s what I found myself saying out loud about ten seconds into this.

    In what twilight-zoney universe was this created? There’s just something very wrong and creepy going on here . . .

  • Larry T

    The Huey costume makes him look like he needs a diaper change.

    BTW, later in the movie Little Audrey sings with Baby Huey to cheer him up. And Little Lotta is in this mess, too.

    Good god- Lotta in live action???

    OK, call it a morbid curiosity but I just HAVE to see that. Are she and Audrey at least recognizable in live action, or are they just two schmucks dragged out of a wannabe audition line and told who their characters are?

  • Larry T

    OK I just answered my own question.


  • I wonder to other worst movie called Howard The Duck was worst then this?