“Zarafa” teaser trailer “Zarafa” teaser trailer
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“Zarafa” teaser trailer

Opening next February in France, this hand drawn feature from filmmaker Remi Bezancon and animator Jean-Christophe Lie (Disney, Chomet, Dreamworks): Zarafa, “the story of a baby giraffe and the young boy who loves it”. Here’s the teaser:

(Thanks, Ben Price via Twitch)

  • TStevens

    This looks like a nice film, though very much in the Disney/Dreamworks mold. Not that it is a bad thing to go in that direction, but the African theme seems like it could offer a lot of great design inspiration that doesn’t seem to be in the trailer.

    If there is one thing that I hear from people who work in the major studios, it is that the pre-pro art is so amazing and inspirational but the end product always ends up the same. I can’t count the number of times I have looked at an “art of” book and thought, “why didn’t they go in that direction for the design?”

    You would think a smaller studio would try to set themselves apart. However, I suppose many of them think that they either have to copy the majors to sell tickets, or they just copy them because that is all they know.

    • Angry Anim

      I agree. It’s because at an American feature studio, they drill into you over and over again that there is only one correct animation style, and that’s the pseudo Disney-style. It’s impossible to go against the grain. So even when you eventually leave, it’s pretty hard to go against those instincts which have been beaten into you.

      That being said, yeah, this looks nice.

  • Sat

    So many hand drawn features made in France! And they all manage to be quite different. That’s amazing… And they’re rarely more than a blip here.

  • eeteed

    to do list:

    1) hit the lottery

    2) use money to get films like this distributed in USA

    • Dr. Ivo Robotnik



      • eeteed

        violence is always the answer. have you learned nothing from watching cartoons?

  • Looks beautiful.

  • Silence Dogood

    Gorgeous looking film. I do think the designs are quite nice. Not as generic as others, I guess.

  • God bless the French and the Europeans for keeping making hand drawn films.
    I like this and it has inspired me more to make my own 2D projects.
    Congratulations to the crew.

  • S

    Looks amazing!!! and from what I hear about it, the story is quite refreshingly different as Remi Besancon is a very good live action Director and Jean Christoph Lie an amazing Animation Director. Their collaboration should bring something interesting to the Film.

  • Agree with some of the commenters that maybe the African theme has more to offer in terms of the visual treatment, it would be great to see a film using more unique texture and maybe some more African art stylization. However, it’s refreshing to see a more noble approach to animals, as opposed to the American “funny bunch with attitudes”. And looks like it’s a nice adventure story, not overloaded with funny gags.

  • CJ

    I for one am really looking forward to this. :) And I especially love the fact that the animals look like real animals instead of Disney clones, gives me the feeling that this is going to be a serious film with a lot of heart.

  • Lilo

    I hope this will get a theatrical engagement in the US. At least give us a DVD release!

  • Iritscen

    They didn’t show any of the parts where the little African boy tracks down the bad guys, busts into their lair, and beats them all up, throwing them over railings and stuff. Wait, I’m getting this confused with Tona Jaa’s The Protector.

  • Scarabim

    This looks marvelous. I wish it every success.

  • Clint H

    It looks decent, but it strangely reminded me of the BOONDOCKS animated series, in terms of design and colour scheme.

    But hey, that’s just me.

  • Mandy

    I don’t speak fluent French, but is anyone seeing a similar plot line to Duma? (replace giraffe baby with cheetah cub). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrye2ePIsos&feature=related

  • sambamamba

    @ Mandy: The story of “Zarafa” is a tale inspired by the real story of the first giraffe that was taken to France.
    Then there is this fictional boy that decides to stick to her, but Zarafa has really nothing to do with Duma.