9 Reasons NOT to Ride The Bus in Hungary 9 Reasons NOT to Ride The Bus in Hungary

9 Reasons NOT to Ride The Bus in Hungary

Tamás Patrovits (aka “Patro”) is a 40 year-old Hungarian animator and illustrator – and also the president of ASIFA Hungary. Six months ago he started an online Flash cartoon series for one of Hungary’s biggest news sites. Says Patro:

I make these alone, sometimes with a musician. All the shorts are made in 5-10 days, and are about our Hungarian public life and political bullshit – created with with old-style graphic design mixed with Flash animation. The series becomes more popular every month. Please take a look my blog site. Unfortunately its in Hungarian, but I plan English subtitles in the future.

If you enjoyed this one, here are 9 reasons not to ride a bike in Hungary.

  • slowtiger

    This is absolutely great! I’ve seen quite a bunch of “retro style animation”, but none was as perfect as this – perfect not in imitating, but in general filmmaking, styling, timing, sound.

  • adam

    recalls me the bruno bozzetto animation ‘europa vs italia’..

  • Very nice stuff! The gags were funny and the timing was excellent!

  • Andy Seredy

    Just my luck. I can speak Hungarian fluently, but I cant read a lick. So, I got all excited and as it turns out they don’t say a word. Aldo, the average Hungarian word is 70 letters long. Far to many for me to read phonetically. Great animation though.

  • Those are fantastic. They say everything with no words. Brilliant!

  • Ha! I don’t think the public transport in Hungary is any worse than in Mexico. In fact we have a saying here:

    What do Santa Claus give SOBs on Xmas?
    Answer: a bus! ;-)

  • Julian Carter

    red pill junkie, I’ll bet the Maltese public transport beats both yours and Hungary’s in badness.

    Our buses are World War II relics! =P


  • You don’t need to know the language to get the jokes. Great stuff!

  • 3k-

    red pill junkie: but it is. you can never know when will your bus catch fire:


    sometimes it’s just the breaks stop functioning and your bus runs into a building


    the conditions are almost the same if you pick the tram or the trolley. i never dare riding the underground, what if it catches fire in the tunnel? by the way, if you choose to walk, a building may fall on you:


    all in all, if you’re bored with your life, try Hungary, where you can always expect the unexpected. it’s a fun place to live!

  • Dear animation people,

    Thank you for your friendly remarks on my animation!
    I tried to do my best. I wish you the same.

    Have a nice day…