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“Animaniacs” South Park style

Fans of Warner Bros. Animaniacs series are quite vocal in their devotion to the old episodes and their desire to see the series return. The Animaniacs Revival Project is a group on Facebook devoted to trying to convince Warner Bros. and Spielberg to produce more episodes.

To that end, here’s the opening to Animaniacs re-animated in South Park’s cut-out animation style, created using Flash 8, by UK animaniac “Dr. Toonhattan”. You gotta admit the opening song is catchy…

  • Donald C

    I find this to be both terrible and fantastic.

  • BY APOLLO! Traditional animation is so much better than cut out!! Altho’ I know that’s what the south park people always look for…bad animation so the funniness can come from the cheap movements too.

  • droosan

    Return.. as in, new episodes for TV? Not particularly.

    I just want WBHV to release another DVD boxed set, to ‘complete’ the series on DVD (along with TINY TOON ADVENTURES, while they’re at it).

    • Autumn

      And Duck Dodgers

  • PatriceC

    Animaniacs was without a doubt my favorite show growing up. The early nineties was an exciting time for animation, truly was a revival. And I’d like to see a high budget hand drawn show come back but maybe not animaniacs, something new by the same creators and producers and the same animation staff. I’m sure they’ve all experienced new things that would allow them to make an even better show. I think the success came from the fact the content was more mature and it was well animated. What teenager or nine year old wants to watch pre-school cartoons on TV? think about it sexy nurse, crazy psychiatrist, barney the dinosaur getting hit by andvils, joe pesci as a pidgeon… and most importantly the animation was hand drawn and fantastic, it had everything!

    animation revival project, where do I sign up??.

    here’s to wishful thinking

    • A.C.

      And as I was rewatching some faves the other night, I really loved the return of the orchestral score, truly a great successor to Carl Stalling’s work.

  • Michael

    I’d love to see some theatrical Animaniacs shorts.

  • Looks more like “Animatics”.

  • Toonio

    Let animaniacs alone yet encourage Warner to create something new based on the legacy of shows like Animaniacs. MOVE FORWARD people.

    And YES ask Warner to releaae Animaniacs Vol 4 and the rest of the Tiny Toons in DVD. Don’t wanna die with an incomplete collection ;)

  • Wow, hilarious! Now let’s see an Animaniacs “Family Guy” style.

  • Ha! Cute! Nice work. Good job capturing South Park’s stiff, sliding, hopping animation style. The Warners also seem to have something of a “Chibi” look in this video.

    I have some fond memories of the series but I don’t know if I want a revival. An occasional short or two wouldn’t be such a bad idea especially if WB got animators like Eddie Fitzgerald or Jon McClenahan to work on ’em.

    If anything, I wish studios would just STOP with the remakes already. It can be a nice little novelty but it’s like we’re cartoons based on fan art or something! Looney Tunes as super heroes, Yogi Bear rendered realistically!

  • Jabberwocky

    Ugh. I’m pretty sure this just cements why I never enjoyed South Park; those cut outs are so painfully stiff and lifeless. Then again it seems like all the “adult” cartoons produced rely way too much on crude and obnoxious humor with bad animation. I’m really not sure why that’s supposed to be more appealing to adults than anything produced “for kids.”

  • I’d rather just see the final DVD box set released (along with Tiny Toons, as another poster mentioned), as well as seeing “Animaniacs” and the other 90s WB cartoons (that aren’t about superheroes) actually air on TV. New shows in the spirit of Animaniacs would be nice, as well (hopefully “The Looney Tunes Show” proves a success).

  • This was really cute and fun! While I do appreciate the effort they must have put into this, choosing a stiff, bland cutout style to portray some of the “zaniest” animation around doesn’t really work. :s

  • Karen

    lord, please no. The original was awful enough. Juvenile, childish, and never funny. I suppose ok tv filler for the audience for which it was made–children under the age of 6–but bland and unimaginative for anyone older than that.

    The thing I remember most about the show was how grating the soundtracks were.

    • whippersnapper

      “Oooh, you must be Grumpy.”

    • Deaniac

      “I suppose ok tv filler for the audience for which it was made–children under the age of 6–but bland and unimaginative for anyone older than that.”

      THAT is a load of crap. I’m about to graduate high school in the spring, and I find Animaniacs as entertaining – if not moreso – as I did when I was a kid. In fact, watching those episodes again allowed me to catch all of the occasional innuendos and movie refrences I never caught at a young age.

      Any cartoon that that appeals to both kids AND adults, has brilliant animation, contains musical numbers, occasional educational moments, and STILL be as fresh and entertaining is anything but “awful”.

    • Scarabim

      Animaniacs had an interesting premise, but overall it was a damn mess. Seldom did I find it funny. Most of it was a lot of brainless cartoon meanness and violence. As if THAT were the legacy of Looney Tunes. Feh!

      • Andrew

        Excuse most everyone who’s seen the show to disagree with you.

  • E. L. Kelly II

    As much as I loved “Animaniacs,” really, no. The show really lost steam that last season or two, (on Kids WB), and the ratings showed it. It was allowed to die gracefully. Its then-groundbreaking style was advanced and superseded by other shows, later.
    I’m with Toonio. “Animaniacs” was a wonderful show. There are my wonderful memories. Warner’s job is to produce newv things that complement my memories by building on the show, Not re-animating the corpse.

  • Vzk

    The way I see it, there’s two kinds of kids in the world: kids who like Animaniacs, and kids who don’t like Animaniacs. You’re either with us, or you’re against us. So which are you?!

    • The Ghost of Warner Bros. Past

      For those who might not know the reference: Vzk is quoting/paraphrasing a scene from South Park, when some tough kids posed the “Animaniacs” question to Cartman.

  • Charles

    Didn’t they already make a direct-to-video Christmas special aimed at really little kids?

    Anyway, I don’t think there’s a cartoon that is more 1990’s than Animaniacs. It’s like a polyester leisure suit to the 70’s. That show is pretty much a tossed salad of a few genuinely clever ideas, half-baked or forced ideas calculated to appeal to certain demographics, and obnoxiousness. The animation was cartoony, much better than 80’s cartoons, yet controlled, cold, and uninteresting. Pinky and the Brain is the only thing I could imagine being salvageable in the 21st century, with its great theme song and Maurice LaMarche’s killer Welles impression, but I feel like even mentioning it is asking for another Yogi Bear or Alvin and the Chipmunks.

    • Scarabim

      I agree. Pinky and the Brain was the closest Spielberg ever came to emulating the character-based humor and cleverness of Looney Tunes. The only laughs I ever got out of Animaniacs came from P&tB sequences.

      But that doesn’t mean I support their coming back. It’d be like an animated version of “wrong-sounding Muppets”. They had their day! Enough already!

      • Chris Sobieniak

        At least we still have some people who care for these things, it’s a vocal minority, but one that probably won’t die out for some time still.

  • Can’t imagine to see the entire show made like that, (because the South Park style is not cartoony), but I enjoyed that little video!:3
    I find it interesting and funny to see a certain show, comic, manga, etc in a different style.
    The South Park style and animation is well captured and doesn’t look like some cheap fanart. Well done!!!:D

  • I worked on Animaniacs and as much as I loved every minute of it, it’s hard to imagine it coming back to TV. Perhaps if the style was updated a bit, it might work, possibly benefitting from current day ink and paint at least. In those days, everything was still painted on cel, even though digital ink and paint was catching on elsewhere. This was back in the days when cel art was booming at the Warner bros. store, so there was a lot of percieved value in traditional methods.

    Anyway, kudos to the fans who keep the Animaiacs alive!

  • Darkblader

    Animaniacs returning? No no and…..

    There was a rumor that sometime during the 90’s that WB wanted to have a live-action/2D animated film of the Warners but it had problems. It was said that the script for Looney tunes back in action was planned out as a script for the live-action animanicas film. But focusing more on the characters of the show then the humans. Sheesh thank god this never got off the ground.

  • chipper

    Now Dot just needs to die every episode and Yakko needs to get fat and insult everyone.

  • Joel Schlosberg

    My favorite example of recreating something else in South Park-style animation is this series of Flash videos made by the webmaster of a Big Trouble in Little China fansite:
    It’s a pretty straightforward recreation of movie scenes set to dialogue clips, and of course it lacks the visual detail in the environments that’s one of the best things about the movie, but the character designs handle the distillation of the originals to a few distinctive elements pretty well.

  • Francis Albert Ferdinand

    WB would just shove it through their bland CGI feature chute and get the likes of Timberlake and Ackroyd to voice it. The rumor that “Back in Action” was at any time supposed to be a film starring any of the Animaniacs cast is only that. The LT franchise remains a more valuable ‘one that got away’ to the WB suits and they’ll go through a dozen more regimes trying to re-land it.

  • NC

    You know if Spielberg produced anymore they’d be terrible mo-crap highly realistic versions.

  • Mac

    I’m a big fan of Animaniacs. I admit there were times when the show wasn’t as clever or as funny as it seemed to think it was and those moments are really cringe worthy to watch. Also a lot of it is quite dated now (re-watching some episodes is like playing a game of ‘Spot the Dead Celebrity’). However, when it was at it’s best it was an absolute delight and a lot of the individual cartoons hold up today and are a joy to watch. I’m waiting for DVD Volume 4 too.

    Since the format of the show was such a potpourri (lots of different characters, sketches and cartoons of various lengths) I think it would be fun to see this show updated. The Warner siblings could be kept to link everything together and everything else could be new. Instead of rehashing all the old Chicken Boo and Slappy Squirrel jokes and catchphrases, a whole slew of new characters and ideas could be introduced. One gigantic problem now though would be getting the music right, since the songs and music were one of the best things about the show.

  • SR Das

    Animaniacs was one of my childhood favorites. It would be nice if they brought it back, but I do not see any chance of that happening. Steven’s moved on, Tom Ruegger’s moved on, everyone else has moved on, too. So unless there is some miracle…

    …ferget it!

    Not saying that I wouldn’ want new episodes. If they did more “mock 1930’s-style” shorts (“Babblin’ Bijou,” “Raggamuffins,” etc.), they could add “faux” film artifacts such as grain, dust, scratches, stains, hair, etc, and “treat” the audio with an equalizer to simulate the low-fidelity optical film-sound recorders of the early 30’s, to enhance the “vintage” feel of the shorts.

    • Andrew

      Actually, Tom Ruegger, Rich Arons, Sherri Stoner and several others involved with Animaniacs are part of the Animaniacs Revival Project. Speilberg actually said once that he wished they’d make a go at bringing it back.

  • OM

    …For the first and only time, this clip made it possible to enjoy Animaniacs, a Spieloony debacle I simply could not get into save for the Pinky & The Brain segments. And the less said about Slappy Squirrel other than to report she’d been run over by a freight train, the better.

    • Andrew

      Grumpy, aren’t you?

  • Damon

    I loved loved Animaniacs and I was in college when it came out but I watched it every chance I could get. Besides how many kids learned geography from Yakko Warner?