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“Evoking Spirits” by Ori Toor

Tel Aviv-based Ori Toor takes Flash concepts like looping symbols that other artists use for economic ends and subverts them into original artistic statements. His sinous, psychedelic loops in the video for Kingdom Crumbs’ single “Evoking Spirits” is quite unlike any other Flash animation I’ve ever seen.

  • GW

    It was visually beautiful. It was the best looking music video I’ve seen in quite a while. It was like waves made out of various objects. I liked everything except the music’s lyrics. They felt unnecessarily macho and superior. It’s one of the main reasons I don’t listen to rap; there’s too little emphasis on real emotion and instead there’s people hammering their lines down your throat and keeping their tender feelings on the inside.

  • That was amazing. Not unlike watching underwater footage of a school of fish vacillate.

  • Lippy

    Great use of cycling clips (as Amid points out).

    See Also James Patterson’s work from about 12 years ago..