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“Gum” by Noam Sussman

Move over, Bazooka Joe! Welcome to the latest–and possibly most outrageous–selection in this year’s Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival: Gum by Noam Sussman of Canada’s Sheridan College. A mere sixty seconds, Gum begins with a bizarre premise and keeps building. Filmmaker Sussman topps (pun intended) every scene with an even funnier one using zany drawings, assured staging, and a “what-did-I-just-see” attitude, making this a whole bunch of politically incorrect fun.

Click HERE to read an interview with the filmmaker Noam Sussman.

The Cartoon Brew Student Animation Festival is made possible by the generosity of our presenting sponsor JibJab.
  • Michel Van

    this is surrealism in it’s pure form
    Give us more of this funnier madness, Mr. Sussman !

  • Yeeeeaahh Noam! I still love this as much as when I first saw it. The shot of the mini-doctors moving along on their faces is my favourite part.

  • Mitchel P. Kennedy

    Gotta love that soundtrack!

  • ak

    That was really awesome!! Reminded me of Ren and Stimpy for some reason. Great work!! keep it up!

  • Pedro Nakama

    The music sounds like one from a film I saw years ago in college.

  • katy

    Love it! Would have liked to see even more mixed media (loved the cut away stop motion shot)

  • All works of entertainment should be confined exclusively to this style

  • Wayne L.

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  • Matt Patton

    Well, your mother always WARNED you not to swallow your gum . . .

  • That was awesome!

  • I love the stop motion gum insert! Wonderful.