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“Lion in a Coma” by Ori Toor

Israeli animation student Ori Toor made this unofficial music video for Animal Collective’s “Lion in a Coma” at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. He animated it straight-ahead in Flash in a stream-of-conscious fashion with no pre-planning. The piece is fluid and appealing with good ideas and good energy throughout.

  • Wow, that was great!!!

  • Tom Pope

    Really cool!

  • Ruth

    looks amazing!!!!

  • That’s wonderful!
    Hard to believe it wasn’t plotted out. It works with the music better than most animated videos —mostly on the strength of matching the same bouncy upbeat vibe.

  • Joseph

    Amazing. I’ve shared this.

  • Completely trippy! What a fun music video to watch.

  • Awesome!!!

  • Adorei! Parabéns você tem muito talento!!!
    “I loved it! Congratulations you have much talent!”


  • Wow! That’s fantastic.

  • This film will be great inspiration for my student’s shape tween assignments.

    Thank you, Amid:)

  • That was really great!

  • celia

    This is such a creative use of Flash! Can’t say I’ve ever seen it look like this.


  • Tekena

    I actually like this! a lot of consciousness films usual turn out to be crap, but this really stands out for me!

    Totally awesome!

  • JG

    This totaly made my week. Wonderfully creative! Pure fun! I was trying not to blink for fear of missing something. :)

  • Awesome animation!! I love when the abstract forms solidify and become morphing volumetric shapes with purpose, then back to abstractions. Very inspiring and well done!

  • Wow.. amazing! Congrats Ori!

    I can’t even BEGIN to think how that was made. Timing-out abstract animations to music? That’s too much for my little head to comprehend.

    Great track from Animal Collective also. I want to hear more from them.

  • really beautiful timing and colors.

  • Tim

    mind: blown. keep up the excellent work ori!