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“Lion in a Coma” by Ori Toor

Israeli animation student Ori Toor made this unofficial music video for Animal Collective’s “Lion in a Coma” at the Shenkar School of Engineering and Design. He animated it straight-ahead in Flash in a stream-of-conscious fashion with no pre-planning. The piece is fluid and appealing with good ideas and good energy throughout.

  • Pedro Vargas

    Wow, that was great!!!

  • Tom Pope

    Really cool!

  • Ruth

    looks amazing!!!!

  • Chuck R.

    That’s wonderful!
    Hard to believe it wasn’t plotted out. It works with the music better than most animated videos —mostly on the strength of matching the same bouncy upbeat vibe.

  • Joseph

    Amazing. I’ve shared this.

  • YazzyDream

    Completely trippy! What a fun music video to watch.

  • Dainty


  • Alini

    Adorei! Parabéns você tem muito talento!!!
    “I loved it! Congratulations you have much talent!”


  • David Gale

    Wow! That’s fantastic.

  • Ashanti

    This film will be great inspiration for my student’s shape tween assignments.

    Thank you, Amid:)

  • Mitch Kennedy

    That was really great!

  • celia

    This is such a creative use of Flash! Can’t say I’ve ever seen it look like this.

  • Big Daddy


  • Tekena

    I actually like this! a lot of consciousness films usual turn out to be crap, but this really stands out for me!

    Totally awesome!

  • JG

    This totaly made my week. Wonderfully creative! Pure fun! I was trying not to blink for fear of missing something. :)

  • Aaron

    Awesome animation!! I love when the abstract forms solidify and become morphing volumetric shapes with purpose, then back to abstractions. Very inspiring and well done!

  • Ariel

    Wow.. amazing! Congrats Ori!

    I can’t even BEGIN to think how that was made. Timing-out abstract animations to music? That’s too much for my little head to comprehend.

    Great track from Animal Collective also. I want to hear more from them.

  • jake armstrong

    really beautiful timing and colors.

  • Tim

    mind: blown. keep up the excellent work ori!