<em>My Animation Process</em> <em>My Animation Process</em>

My Animation Process

Here’s how James Sugrue makes cartoons in flash:

  • James is amazing!

  • Thats some…interesting choice of animation haha
    i love it ^^

  • I love it. What a great clip to use as an example.

    My own Flash animation process can be unearthed here.

  • This guy clearly doesn’t understand how to use Flash as set by industry standards- he’s supposed to draw ONE, SINGLE angle of the character, break it up and then shift and slide the pieces around with lifeless, computer-like smoothness. The “archaic” method of creating pleasant, appealing-looking movement by way of multiple, new drawings is yesterday’s news, pal- get with the future!

  • J.L.

    A nice looking piece of stuff. For my money he could drop that too-long cycled eye bit or cut it back to one rotation. The music choice is genius. Think how much more difficult even this short snippet would have been to pull off with inking, painting, film and cels. As long as one bothers to really animate in Flash, the program isn’t half bad.

  • Jason

    That was as bracing as a good cup o’ joe. Thanks much for the slam at an animation process I’ve come to hate. I’ll take pencils over pixels any day.

  • Great Job James! Refreshing to see Flash animation not in that horrible puppet animation style!

  • HAHA. That was great!

  • Baron Lego- I’m still laughing over that comment.

  • How long did this take to make?

  • Thanks for the nice comments everyone! red pill, to answer your question, it took me about half a day.

  • Robert Schaad

    Refreshing…nice, James.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Keep it up James! Not bad for half a day’s work!

  • Jacob O


  • I know what I like, & I like that! Once again, good work James!

  • Anyone recommend any good Flash programs?

  • See? Flash CAN be used to create good animation, especially hand-drawn.

    Color me impressed by this demonstration!

  • tapirtoon

    I think it would be better to have something with pegs for paper with three holes, right above the graphics pad!