<em>Sonar</em> by Renaud Hallée <em>Sonar</em> by Renaud Hallée

Sonar by Renaud Hallée

An elegantly layered visual representation of sound by Montreal-based Renaud Hallée. Sonar was made in Flash with keyframe animation (no scripting was involved).

(Thanks, Gene Fowler)

  • That was beautiful! A little bit like Pong gone mad but beautiful nonetheless.

  • Oh wow, I love it!

  • Really awesome ! =D

    …i just don’t see the reason why make it frame by frame … motion tweening would produce the same effect and would make it faster….

  • gatebuider

    Really nice!!

  • Mike Johnson

    Just really awesome. It’s simplicity is what makes it so elegant, and I really feel that, at least in it’s execution, it reminded me a bit of Disney’s Fantasia, especially the Toccata and Fugue in D minor. Just shapes representing the music, and both working perfectly together. Love it!

  • imagine if oscar fischinger had access to Flash!

  • whoa! this is so beautiful! does anyone know how i can get a copy legally?
    i want to see this AS LARGE AS POSSIBLE!!!

  • John

    That’s the most Autistic animation I’ve ever seen.

  • Domagoj

    Wow, that was amazing. Love to see more things like this.

    @Platey I don’t think they mean no tweening, but no scripting. This is basically a sequencer, so you could have a text file with sequences and have actionscript create the animations based on the music. They’re just saying no programming.