Game Trailer: “Armello” Game Trailer: “Armello”

Game Trailer: “Armello”

I know nothing of games, but this debut project from Australian development collective, League of Geeks, looks pretty neat. Or at least the trailer is cool. Armello is a digital card & board game “of swashbuckling, character-based high adventure, set in a fairy-tale animal kingdom” and should be released in 2013.

League of Geeks collaborated with Melbourne-based 12 Field to bring this beautiful trailer to life.

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  • Nice work Adam Duncan and co!

  • Jody Morgan

    This is the sort of thing that I wish came to mind when someone says “furry”.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Well, it takes time Jody.

  • That was something refreshing to watch as far as games go. Looks great, hopefully the whole game can match that.

  • Mac

    I read all the animal people as just reflecting in a self satisfied way at how well rendered they are.

  • yaprak

    Do you know how this was made? Toonboom and 3D mix maybe?

  • Game, schmame. I wanna see the feature!

  • Matt Sullivan

    Why is ANY animal-themed cartoon/game instantly labeled “furry”? Isn’t this an INDUSTRY that started with all kinds of talking cartoon animals?

    Can’t it just be a cartoon or game without SOMEONE labeling it “furry”?

    • Nate W

      No-one labeled this as “Furry”. Jody Morgan actually did almost the opposite, saying that this sort of thing usually IS’NT labelled as “Furry”. I think Jody dislikes terrible anthro fan-art as much as you, he/she(Jody) wishes that the furry community was known more for its appeal to more high quality and original work such as this.

      • Jody Morgan

        That pretty much nails it; I’m just too laconic/lazy to spell it out in detail.

    • Jody Morgan

      I apologize for using the f-word.

      • Chris Sobieniak

        You have nothing to apologize for Jody. It’s the nature of the beast itself that compels us to think a certain way.

  • Matty B

    WHOOOHOO! Australia Represent! Great Job you guys!

  • TheBandSnapsBack

    The ‘f word ‘ is nothing to apologize for. It is simply a nickname for ‘anthropomorphic animals.’. The more often you refer to a given concept the shorter the word you are likely to use, Hence, the Anglo-Saxon disyllable as opposed to the Greek pentasyllable. : )

    • Chris Sobieniak

      If there’s anyone to fingerpoint for all this, I would go with authors like The Brothers Grimm, Lewis Carroll, Kenneth Grahame and Beatrix Potter. People who dared to write about animals with human qualities that readers could latch onto!

  • Jody Morgan

    Thanks for the support, though in all honesty that was just a half-serious apology. Serious because I hate to be responsible for upsetting someone, even over such a trivial matter; half- because, well, it is a trivial matter, and a misunderstanding to boot.

  • Josh

    There’s a lot of phenomenal animation work being done in videogames. I wish you guys kept on top of it a bit better. I’m a little disappointed that CB has yet to mention “Dust: An Elysian Tale.” Now here’s a story that the readers of your site would like: Dean Dodrill, the creator of the game, did all the hand-drawn animation for the game *by himself* over a period of four years, not to mention the actual game design. The Verge/Polygon did a really good story on him a little while back:

    And you can watch the trailer for the game here: