Game Trailer: The Unfinished Swan Game Trailer: The Unfinished Swan

Game Trailer: The Unfinished Swan

Intriguing trailer for a forthcoming PlayStation Network game called The Unfinished Swan. The mood and visuals suggest an indie animated short as much as a video game. It’s being produced by Santa Monica Studio and Giant Sparrow.

(via Super Punch)

  • GW

    It seems to have an interesting premise, but the trailer says nothing about the actual gameplay.

    For a while I’ve been thinking of abandoning the game part of video gaming and instead having ‘player’ simulations that focus instead on letting the ‘player’ enjoy virtual activities and abandon game objectives. You see something similar in Second Life, but this would be more activity based than social and intended mostly for single players. With single players, you can do things like automatically restart before your character’s death which you couldn’t do with multiple players.

  • I haven’t been into video games for awhile now (the last console I owned was a GameCube), but I never imagined in a million years how much it would expand into an art form. Call me naive if I say I never realized it before, but the kind of sophistication that’s evolved in video games with the storytelling and the animation/visuals is really remarkable. I may never play this game, but I love this trailer.

  • Looks beautiful. So few games seem to come out anymore that have unique artstyles. It seems half the new releases these days are all trying too hard to be realism. And then most of the indy games now are “retro” which roughly translates to “I’ve never made pixel art before but wont hire someone who has”

    Stuff like this gives me joy and hope. Thank you, Amid.

  • sasha

    i actually remember seeing this game a couple years ago, back then all it showed was a white space you had to splatter paint on to see anything, it looked really interesting. i am glad they have continued with it.