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“Lost Planet 3” trailer

I don’t have much to say about game promos, but there’s some nice animation here- I even like the mo-cap guy. Hopefully the game lives up to the trailer.

(Thanks, Neil LaPointe)

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  • That WAS pretty good!

    Also, I have a suggestion for anyone who wants to see some good (2D!) video game animation:

    • Olivier Vuillemenot

      Thanks for posting a video of Skullgirls, I love this game ! (CB should have made a post about it)
      I really hope it will give influence to other creators to put more traditional animation in future games, like we had with Earthworm Jim.

  • Wow, for once a game cinematic with good looking facial expressions! I enjoyed watching that.

    • Jason H

      Blur used a facial system known as Mova for the facial with some supplemental features added on later to help reinforce it.

  • Tom

    Looks pretty cool! Seems they used similar motion capture technology to LA noire.

    But this trailer makes want to see a live-action movie about the franchise, much more than play the game.

  • Bugsmer

    That was really interesting, and exciting. Thanks, Jerry.

  • Toonio

    Holy shiznit, this was very very good.

    Since old Megaman, Capcom has delivered awesome in game animation like in Street Fighter, remember?

    • Jason H

      It was created by Blur Studio.

  • christy

    that was awesome.

  • Mr Verde

    While the cut did look pretty cool, how many more Nathan Drakes do we need?

  • Ryan

    That guy just can’t seem to catch a break… we’ve all had those kinda days. Probably not as epic though. Yay Science Fiction!

  • Also known as ‘Dude, Where’s My Planet?’

  • Hugo

    Was this trailer created by Blur? Anyone know who made it?

  • Rich Tom


  • Dude was kinda boring and used the same grimace animation twice, but THAT MECH! That giant crab! If the whole game consists of wrestling giant space aliens while piloting a mech I’m sold. If not…I might still be sold. That crab was cool.

  • First game in the series was a lot of fun, so this next one is probably gonna live up to its standards :)

  • glover

    The lines the guy says are “Are you kiding me?”, “Come on!” and “I have to call you back”.

    Painfully unoriginal.

    • Jason H

      So are most of the best action movies of the 80’s and I doubt you watched Commando for Oscar performances.

  • Love it when you guys feature game stuff. The animation and visual direction in gaming media these days is off-the-charts awesome in many titles. Wouldn’t be surprised if this was by Blur. Maybe Digic Pictures? Digic’s cinematics for Assassin’s Creed were incredible.

    • Ah never mind, apparently I lack reading comprehension this morning. Blur studios it is =)

  • I prefer my Blur trailers with more violence and humor.

  • Loving the creature designs in Lost Planet 3. The facial work in the character animation is pretty sweet as well.