Machinarium Trailer Machinarium Trailer

Machinarium Trailer

Gorgeous trailer for the computer game Machinarium. I love how it feels like you’re playing in the world of an indie animated short and not a videogame. It’s made by the Czech game studio Amanita Design, and it should come as no surprise that the people who made it also make films.

(Thanks, Anders Beer)

  • FP

    Very frustrating game. I tried it a year or two ago. Nice to look at, though.

  • Agreed… its nice looking but the UI wasn’t all that intuitive.

  • I am in no way affiliated with machinarium but I wanted to throw this link up here – Machinarium is available now to buy along with some others as part of the Steam Indie Play Pack for PC and Mac for only 20 USD

  • They made Samorost – ’nuff said. These guys are the only excuse for Flash, because they did such wonderful stuff with it. And I especially like the “eastern european” look of it, the tasteful colours and the amount of detail.

  • Corey K.

    Reminds me a bit of the claymation game “The Neverhood” from about a decade back.

  • I loved this game! I got stuck a lot, but it offered hints. It’s totally worth playing just to look at the beautiful backgrounds, the cute animation, and the overall high quality. I love how integrated the character is to the scenery. And it was made in flash!

  • It reminds me of Abe’s Exodus, which had beautiful animated cut scenes, with charming stories.

  • “Machinarium” is genius.

    One of the Amanita Design team also worked on the production design for this upcoming partly-animated feature called “Kooky’s Return”:

    There are so many great animated films being released in the Czech Republic that get so little attention outside of the country. “One Night in the City” was my favourite animated feature I saw in 2007 (the year of “Ratatouille” and “Persepolis”), but it got no attention at all worldwide.

    And Jiri Barta released a new feature recently, after a long dormancy.

  • Chris

    Looks really neat! Reminds me a LOT of this cool Sheridan film from a few years ago. So very similar!

    Are they related?

  • I liked this game alot, it has a cute story and the visuals always remain fresh with each new area. Thanks to the indie market, the point and click adventures are making a comeback.

  • I adore Machinarium, and pretty much everything else Amanita does. Although I am a bit surprised to see the trailer here this long after the game went into wide release through Steam.

  • Slash Halen

    This game looks very good and I’m looking foreword to playing it.

    But Amid, your comment (though not necessarily bad) leaves me a little confused.
    “I love how it feels like you’re playing in the world of an indie animated short and not a videogame.”

    …So more video games need to NOT be video games? They need to be more like cartoons or movies or books or TV shows? Do you dislike video games so much that you wish they were something different?

    Again, your opinion is your own and you didn’t say anything bad, just odd… to me at least.

  • Josh


    Thank you for posting that youtube link to that trailer! That film looks absolutely beautiful. I’ll be keeping an eagle eye out for this one. Hopefully it’ll get some love over here in Australia with a short run subtitled release.

  • Stone

    absolutely fun! The puzzles are WAY challenging but you feel all intellectual and crap once you figure em out. everyone should play it.

  • Olo

    Bought it months ago on impulse and don’t regret it one bit. Too bad I’m still stuck at one part.. Where the guy is repairing something on the ladder and there’s a cat and the bird near by… And there’s a lamp post with a puzzle to move 8 squares on a 3×3 grid.. Any genius with a helping hand to offer??

  • GhaleonQ

    Indeed, Amanita’s near the forefront of graphic adventure design. It was 1 of my favorites of last year and certainly 1 of the best of the decade.

    Niffiwan, SOME of us got a chance to see them. Thanks for all of your work, though.

  • best game i ever played with sooo good sound

  • Those Amanita guys know what they are doing. Check out their website for more games and the Samorost series of course. I love their photo real and pen and ink mix style. They also know textures really well.

    I hope the games get progressively bigger and bigger each time.

  • Steve Gattuso

    Slash, there’s two ways to take what Amid said:

    1. Games should be extended cut scenes with nothing but the occasional quick-time event to remind the player he has to press a button once in a while. (See “Final Fantasy” series)

    2. Games where the look, feel, and writing are as immersive (that nebulous but ever-pursued concept) as good live action theatrics, drawing you into their world and making you not just an observer, but an active participant in things and which make you care about the lives of the characters you interact with. Which then makes the game exceptionally fun. (See “Psychonauts.”)

    Amid can be a pretentious twit at times, but I’d like to believe he’s referring to #2 in this instance.

  • Grant

    Machinarium is an amazing game, my favorite of 2009. The visuals, the music, the puzzles, the characters — everything about it just made me smile as I played through it. Definitely check it out.

  • MadRat

    This game reminds me a lot of the freeware, Flash game called Daymare Town. But instead of being in color, Daymare Town is drawn in a pen sktech style. The artist and programmer is a Polish architect who likes making Flash games, iPod games and graphic novels.