More “Epic Mickey” More “Epic Mickey”

More “Epic Mickey”

I’m not sure how this 2D clip from the upcoming Disney game, Epic Mickey, fits with the rest of the game and clips we’ve seen, but it’s certainly intriguing. Here Mickey and Gremlin Gus explore Mean Street, and encounter the Phantom Blot and Walt himself (as a statue, with Oswald):

UPDATE: The 2D cut-scenes in the game were produced by Austin, Texas-based Powerhouse Animation Studios.

(Thanks, Matthew Gaastra)

  • Em

    Bah… “copyright issues”

  • There can be ONLY ONE!

    It’s not really THAT epic but I still think it’ll be a fun game.

  • I’d be curious to hear the case for the subtitled wordless grumbling.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Yeah you’d think they could’ve paid for some voice acting on this one, this is not 10 years ago and we still excepted it.

    • Jay Sabicer

      International release. Other languages can be easily put into where the English captions are. And they only have to pay the vocal talent once. No pesky lip sync, either.

      • No voices because of international release? That’s an extremely thin reason. Video games like “Bolt” and even “Garfield 2” were dubbed into other languages. It’s not difficult, and is often done, as long as there seems to be a profit in it. And Epic Mickey certanly has enough public appeal.

        I also read the interview with Warren, but I have to say I wish he had kept the voice. This is Mickey Mouse, after all. The ‘squeaky-cute Mickey voice’ didn’t stop people from accepting him s a hero in his 1930s cartoons…

    • Gobo

      I read an interview with the head of the project in which he said that when they tested the game with Mickey’s voice, people found it hard to accept the squeaky-cute Mickey voice as ‘epic and heroic’. So they ended up going with all grunts and such.

      • NC

        Apparently hard to read subtitles that blend into the background and go to fast are more acceptable.

      • Stephan

        I could read them just fine.

      • Bill

        Oh gimme a break, they’re buying a game with MICKEY MOUSE in it! A falsetto voice is kinda apart of the deal!

        Changing it to grunts to make him all epic and crap is like putting a 350 in an old VW, just get something else!

    • Iritscen

      Oh gosh, I thought that was placeholder audio until they put the voice acting in….

      • Chris Sobieniak

        Well hopefully we won’t count it against the game at this point.

    • Julius

      Warren Spector didn’t feel it was right to give several silent era cartoon characters a voice, especially Oswald.

  • Am I the only one that laughed with the reveal of Oswald in Walt’s grip? The fact that Mickey just got “a little sad” killed me.

  • Alissa

    Nice, so 2d cut-scenes for stage intros and cg for important parts? Just like Ratchet and Clank then. And a ton of JRPGs for that matter.

  • Sigh….I work in the vid game industry and this “Epic” game just seems to be one big disappointment. I’ve seen and read very little that excites me about this game. Even the visuals are BLAH!!!!

    • Tom

      Blah? I was just admiring how nice they were! The gameplay on the other hand…

    • I think the awesome concept art I saw early on set me up high, and to not like the final product as much. Still nice looking for what it is, but yeah not as “epic” as it could probably be.

    • Bill

      Same here, more generic shadows and darkness.

  • Mark

    Kudos for playing down the CG aspect. Now all they need to do is hire an art director.

  • tonma

    yep, disappointed too. Seriously, the more videos they show the less I find impressive or special about it. I guess that’s what happens when you announce a project releasing just cool conceptual art that is bound to be diluted later.

    OK, aside that, I notice mickey’s muzzle is too small, can only guess it was so his nose wouldn’t cover his eyes in a front view, but in Kingdom Heaths he never had that problem and he looked more on model. If it was just an style choice then I don’t think it looks good, having in mind that they contrarily made his limbs and body longer.

  • Scarabim

    Well, I loved it. I’ve loved all the trailers. There are some small visual disappointments here and there, but just the same, Mickey is in his best incarnation (vintage style), the visuals are fairly snazzy, and the storyline is ubercool. I still can’t wait to play this game.

  • Sat

    I think the game looks somewhat behind the times, but it’s okay. Mario 64 games are seen as outdated, I see them as fun.
    I’m pretty sure the critics will go all “Not a simple plateformer from the N64 age! No! We’ve seen enough of these! Kids will hate this!” And go gives a bunch of 9/10 on some generic space marine shooters.

    • TheGunheart

      Exactly. I hate how 90% of all major releases these days are dull gray shooters. Even space marines, which at least tended to have cool armor designs, have been replaced by generic military types.

  • They have luck, Disney is dead
    He would not tolerate such bad animation.

  • so the bad guy in this game is made of THE DIP? where’s judge doom?

  • FP

    Looks like a Jim Woodring/Little Golden Book version of Mickey. It’s the best looking-Mickey in years – different and interesting.

    I don’t game at all, so these clips are all I’ll see of the product. Thanks for the peek –

  • Marc Baker

    So far, this game looks pretty good, but I’m not too sure about the omission of spoken dialogue. Sure, Mickey came from the ‘silent’ era, but he spoke a few lines since ‘Steamboat Willie’. While it’s true that ‘Halo’, and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ are the norm in games these days, Nintendo proves that platformers are still relevant with their current ‘Mario’ games. Still, I hope this game surprises me. I’d hate to see this fail, and Disney go forward with something like ‘Epic Miley’ instead.

  • Dave

    looks to me like they decided to pull the budget back on the game. Not very Disney looking quality.

    • Bill

      Paticularly the 2D animation, those old Alice in Toonland shorts had better animation (Disneys earliest work, not Oswald as an ad at Gamestop claimed).

  • Austen

    I read that they wanted the cutscenes to look almost like storyborad animatics and their art style was inspired by Mary Blair, who was a concept artist for Disney.