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New ‘Cuphead’ Trailer Released at E3

Studio MDHR has delayed their Fleischer-esque videogame Cuphead until 2015, but they just released a new trailer for the gaming show E3 with new footage that is even more impressive (and more Fleischery) than the earlier preview.

  • blackmoses


    Are they hiring? I’ll help!

  • Erik Butter

    this looks awesome, hope it will come to xbox 360 or Wii U too.

  • Karim

    This made my day !

  • Ray Pointer

    Certainly reminiscent of the Fleischer style. The timing is almost there, but not quite in all spots. But they’ve certainly done their homework, even done things to make the images look flawed by adding flicker.

    • Johnny

      For a video game flickering is the last thing you want. An option to turn off the coloring would be a wiser choice.

    • If you could nitpick the areas where the timing isn’t perfect – we’d love to hear it. Certain things have to switch animation states to make the gameplay perfect, but we like being picky on everything!

  • Dave

    Looks fun, but more early Disney/Iwerks influence than Fleischer to my eyes.

  • John R.

    First Aug(DE)mented Reality, now this…
    As a traditional animator, I’m feeling really good !!!

  • Dave

    Yes, a bit of “Swing , You Sinners” (1930) , but just as much (or more) influence from Disney/Iwerks’ “Hell’s Bells” (1929) .

    And the color is most definitely more West Coast (via Kansas City) influenced .

  • jcaliff

    If Too Much Coffee Man were morphed into an Anpanman character, this is how I imagine he would look. I do like the animation style.

  • Mike

    There are all kinds of indie games with great, largely 2D art nowadays. Check out Bastion, Transistor, Guacamelee!, Skullgirls (tons of great 2D animation in that one), and Mark of the Ninja. Rayman Origins and Rayman Legends were big-name releases, but are exceptionally beautiful.

  • Omar Wiseman

    It’s because they spent this time recoding and switching over to the Unity game engine to make multiple platforms easier to port, they talk about it on the dev blog.

  • Mark Landmark

    I love it !!! That flower is creepy, i like so much this kind of style! Please, make this game more compatible with all the possible systems.

  • smo

    Hey! I apparently never check my disqus comments. I don’t know about the programming end. But since we animate everything on paper as full characters I believe they’re essentially sprites.