Run Hamster Run Run Hamster Run

Run Hamster Run

No one knows where hand drawn animation is headed – but one outlet seems to be thriving: mobile video games. Here’s another for the list of intriguing new 2d-cartoon iPhone games: Run Hamster Run.

Erin Humiston did all the artwork and animation, and produced the game with a handful of people in Orlando, Florida. It’s now available at the iTunes store. Here’s a sample:

(Thanks, Chris Pagoria)

  • The animation looks tight. Reminds me a bit of Earthworm Jim from the 90s which was just ported to the iPhone.

  • Geez! Animation is top notch!

    good game too

  • It’s so nice to see something like this again…
    even if it IS on a little iPhone game

  • Fantastic ! Great to see an animator developing and selling their own work in this format directly through iTunes.

    I hope he sells a million of ’em .

  • Gio Renna

    I love the integration of these gorgeous bits of animation in games. If console games began heading in this direction with their game design it would make for a refreshing change in 2d platforming. Even 2.5d can’t achieve the same effect as good old 2d. A Boy and his Blob looks like a very stylistically interesting game.

  • Ron

    Awesome. I wanna’ make a game now! I wonder how much venture capital he needed to get that going- and how many people he needed to employ. I’d play that game if I had an iphone. I hope it’s a huge hit!

  • Sam

    I want to watch a feature film or TV cartoon series with that hamster in it.

  • I had the opportunity to work with Erin for a few years, he’s an awesome guy and his work was nothing less than an inspiration to the whole team. Great stuff Erin! All the best!

  • Great style! It may just be a simple iPhone game but it’s great to see 2-D going somewhere.

  • That looks so awesome. I too am reminded of Earthworm Jim and it makes me want to play a bunch of rad SNES type games now.

  • Hooray Erin! This game looks great. You still havent lost your touch. I love the death animation. It the most entertaining death I’ve seen since Vincent Price’s in The Last Man on Earth. Glad to see your work is getting its deserved exposure.

  • but 2d isnt dead yet , the nintendo ds keep its alive and dont forget wii ware games like megaman 9 and contra rebirth.

  • Hey thanks for all the kind words, everyone! The programmer and I put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this project. I never thought I would see it on Cartoon Brew though!

    Ron: It was just me and a friend who made this game. As far as expenses, it only cost us the $100 to register the account with Apple, and of course whatever it costs for the licensed software (ToonBoom Animate, and PhotoShop). Other than that, it just took a lot of work. A co-worker of my friend did the music for us. I’m not going to say it was easy, but the hired staff and out of pocket expenses was minimal.

    Thanks again to everyone for all the kind words! It’s energizing to see how many traditional animation lovers like Run Hamster Run, being that I’m a traditional animation lover myself.

    Thanks, guys!


  • james madison

    I never bought anything from Itunes. I will buy this on principal.

    Great work!

  • Steve Price

    Glad to see some 3DH people making headlines! I never knew Erin that well when I was there, but the kind of talent we had lying around that place, I’m not surprised to see him pull of some awesome of this magnitude.

    That is some serious, classic stuff right there. Way to go!

    – Steve

  • Tanna

    Ah, the expressions and fluidity are great! That snake really reminds me of the one from The Jungle Book, though :P

  • ben

    just started playing dragon’s lair on the iphone, what a treat! I’ll have to pick up this hamster game next.

  • the devil

    Are they swimming at the beginning?

  • Jeff Gabor

    ERIN!!!! Fantastic to see such great animation from you buddy! Congrats on the success. I’ll be downloading it ASAP! Drop me a line sometime.


  • Keith

    “Are they swimming at the beginning?”
    Scrambling side-to-side up the curved surface of the hamster tube he’s in!

    Looks fantastic. Whenever I take the ‘iPhone’ plunge, I’ll be downloading this!

  • Tom D

    This is great! There are a lot of animators working on Itunes projects right now. It seems to really be blowing up.

    A friend of mine started as a 2D animator, working in the games industry. When the industry standard switched to 3D games, he had to adapt, but he’s always kept that 2D sense of silliness in his work, as is evident in his Christmas Whack-an-Elf musical toy/game here:

    We’re all working to do what we love. It’s great that so many opportunities for new platforms and venues that have come along with new technology. It’s put a lot of food on a lot of tables.

  • Woo! I’ve been getting a lot of nice comments and emails lately. I really do appreciate all of the support.

    As far as my snake resembling Kaa from the Jungle Book, that was my own mistake. I just went ahead with my design without doing any proper research to see if it was similar to any other cartoons. The Jungle Book is one of my all time favorites and I don’t think my design comes close to holding a candle to how nicely Kaa was designed. But next time I’ll double check. :/

    As far as them swimming, Keith got what I was trying to do! Thanks, Keith! :) Although now that I look at it, it does look a little swimmy…

    Hey, Jeff! Long time no hear from! I don’t even think I have your phone number anymore. You can email me at [email protected] . If you drop me your number I’ll definitely give you a call!

    Thanks again for all the support, guys!

  • Ron, the great thing about making games for the iPhone is that you don’t need ‘venture capitol’. All you need is a good concept, a talented artist and programmer. You can make game like this relatively fast if you’re motivated.

  • Erin, fantastic work. Great to see that there’s still room for a pencil in the midst of all the technology!

  • Chris

    Other than Space Ace, Dragon’s Lair, and Star Star Tap, what 2D animated games are there for the iPod Touch?

  • Melb Lank

    Grand Pa Auto, Drive and Let Die, Hubbub, Male Nurse, P.I., Rhumba Connection, Drown the Clown, Punch Buggy 4, Paging Dr. Freud, Dickwhackers and Buffalo Gals are all for the Ipod Touch and all are great 2D games.

  • Chris

    Thanks, Melb.