Trailer for <em>Muscle Koushinkyaku (Muscle March)</em> Trailer for <em>Muscle Koushinkyaku (Muscle March)</em>

Trailer for Muscle Koushinkyaku (Muscle March)

Speaking of video games, this commercial for the Wii title Muscle Koushinkyaku (Muscle March) may just be the greatest game commercial ever. It’s Ripping Friends meets Japanese psychedelia with a polar bear thrown in for good measure.

(via David OReilly’s Twitter)

  • It’s 8:57 am and my eyes are bleeding! Good morning everyone :O

  • Only in Japan can you get away with a polar bear in a thong.

  • It’s 8:11 am my time and my eyes are also bleeding from this!

  • Brian O.

    Looking forward to Muscle March 2: Gay Marriage Romp

  • Daniel J. Drazen

    I’m surprised they didn’t figure out a way to work “Macho Man” by The Village People into this.

  • a reader

    I appreciate the ‘alien flying in to score’ touch myself. Wow…what can anyone say about Japanese fun culture? It’s from another solar system! Love it.

  • Perez H.


  • Matthew

    You mean.. the greatest gay-mercial ever ;)

    It’s amazing how kids don’t get seizures from these games and tv shows..

  • at least this makes more sense than Noby Noby Boy!

  • Mel

    THIS is how Mark Wilson should have done “The Magic Land of Alakazam.”

  • That was the most Japanese 2 minutes I’ve ever experienced.

  • vzk

    Is this part of the infamous Cho-Aniki video games ?

  • Matt Sullivan

    We should drop more atom bombs. Just look what wonderful creativity comes from nuclear fallout :}

  • This feels like Katamari Damacy, only perhaps even more insane…

    For more rainbows and bears (We Love Katamari):

    Actually, this is probably the same people. The visual style and clunky animation is pretty similar.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Again, this is the typical weirdness of Japanese culture that leaves us with that ‘WTF’ look or “what will they thing of next?” thought, despite the fact this is all normal to them anyway.

    Perhaps to counteract the manliness, Namco should put out another Wonder Momo game or the Loli set!