5 Second Day at Titmouse 5 Second Day at Titmouse

5 Second Day at Titmouse

On President’s Day (February 21), Titmouse asked its animators to spend the entire workday animating their own ideas. The only rule was that it had to be at least five seconds long. Both Titmouse studios (Los Angeles and New York) participated, and the results of this year’s 5 Second Day can be seen on the studio’s blog. I’ve posted a couple of my personal favorites in this post: above by Mike Roush and below by Phylicia Fuentes.

  • cbat628

    That cat made my day (actually night).

  • Rob T.

    Those were fun, thanks! I went over to the Titblog and enjoyed the films there too (favorites were the gooseboy, the tea time, and the little girl experimenting with pop rocks and cola.)

    • Iritscen

      Yes, they’re definitely worth watching. It’s always fun to see something really raw coming out of a creative mind, and they’re bite size so even the annoying ones can’t get too annoying. My favorites were Two Scoops, Gooseboy, and Extinction.

  • Other studios, like mine, gave people the day off with pay. It WAS a National holiday.

    • carl

      fun fact: 5 second day was optional this year because it was a holiday. Just thought I would clear that up.

    • Matt D. Lee

      Well, Other studios may be frustrated that Titmouse is doing things a little differently around NY and shaking things up! Great work everyone! “Kites rise highest against the wind – not with it”.—Winston Churchill

  • this reminds me of that rsa animate about motivation and autonomy:

    which obviously means that titmouse is my dream employer now

  • Al Pardo

    Thanks Carl, you beat me to the punch! GO TITMOUSE!!!

  • Yeah, we were PAID as well, and had the Option during a crazy production schedule of SuperJail, to either stay home or work on something of our own.

  • alan

    fantastic idea and fantastic results!

    Music Box made me smile.alot.

  • Ethan

    This sounds like Google’s 20% option, where they allow their employees to spend 20% of their working time working on their own project. I believe gmail, docs and maps have all come out of that. I’m surprised that more studios haven’t adopted that rule, more studios should tap into the creativity of their employees. Lets hope that Titmouse keeps it up, great stuff!

  • Ah, yes!

    Titmouse, doing it right in NYC.
    (well, actually on both coasts)!

    Does my heart good. :)

    Wonderful to see a studio helping to foster and nurture
    the talented folks who work hard on their productions day in and day out. That must have been a fun little break.

    Quite a lot of talent over at Titmouse, I recommend
    checking out some of the other shorts as well.
    Some really-really nice stuff!
    (Start with Mr. Pardo and Mr. Carlo!)

    The music box piece is awesome, too.

    And of course, can’t wait for more SuperJail.