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The Perfect Contest

Delightful Craigslist ad that functions as a response to all those inane animation and graphic design contests. Perhaps some of those contest-driven animation sites will take the hint. Or not.

Craigslist Contest

(Thanks, Jeaux Janovsky)

  • JAmes


  • Titanius Anglesmith, Fancy Man of Cornwood

    I know what we’re all thinking: 1) Did it work? and 2) Why didn’t I think of that?

  • That’s fantastic. I wish all potential employers good luck.

  • Have you seen the “America’s Next Great Cartoonist” contest The Washington Post is running? In short: submit 6 original strips. They get the copyright. They choose one. Then, you get to draw a comic for them for free for a month. For exposure. They get the copyright.

  • Bill Field

    Pretty terrific! Striking a blow for all of us!

  • Haha, great way to illustrate a point!

  • Chuck R.


  • Hulk

    Awesome! Way to stick it to the man!

    Look at this bizarre one I just found

  • Dalton Wizney

    What was it Hulk? It was flagged by the time I clicked on it.

  • Briliant.


  • Awesome. Love this

  • he does good work

  • lmao thats great

  • That is awesome.

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    LOL THAT is brilliant!!

  • tom Stazer

    As much as I love it, perhaps he should have proofread it. Blatant typo – even for a graphic designer parodying an ad, that’s not good exposure! “many people think the can fill”

  • Wow! When you read these job postings in reverse, they don’t seem very equitable.

  • Hulk

    @Dalton Wizney, It was an ad saying “Please use my time machine”. The guy said he’d built a time machine out of house hold parts but couldn’t go back in time because the machine couldn’t go with him. So he wanted someone to go 300 years in to the future where time machines would be common place.

    Too bad it got flagged. It was funny.

  • Tim Hodge

    Here’s a scheme that actually worked using Google ads:

  • mick

    massive happy

  • Craigslist is a sham. I put up an ad saying I’d like to be an assistant artist for any local newspaper….

    …. and I get e-mails from some yo-yo in a legal department wanting me to be their personal assistant.

  • Kevin Dougherty

    I responded to a craigslist solicitation to do print ads for a local business. The advertiser CC’d me the work of a previous responder and forgot to delete a lengthy e-mail from the graphic artist that detailed the non-payment history and various other horror stories of working with the advertiser. Oops!

  • Funny. I blame the “professionals” who submit to these contests. It really is like offering 2 days worth of work for a week’s salary and benefits (multiplied by the number of submissions)…

  • Brilliant humor! It made my day. I’m inspired to do my cartoon-blog post extracted from this :)