A Danny Bonaduce Post, Finally! A Danny Bonaduce Post, Finally!

A Danny Bonaduce Post, Finally!

Our rules for how to submit news items for Cartoon Brew consideration are quite clear, but that doesn’t stop PR folks, who have clearly never read the website, from constantly sending us wildly inappropriate items to post on the Brew. We get dozens of these emails every week. For the most part, I junk them without even opening them, but this one from CBS was so bad that I couldn’t resist sharing with readers. I’ll spare readers the pain of linking to their awful Flash animation, though it’s online if you wish to torture yourself.

Wed, 26 Mar 2008 17:38:03 -0700 [05:38:03 PM PDT]
From: “Walworth, Cori” [email protected]
Subject: “Danny Bonaduce Life Coach”

Just wanted to run a fun idea by you, the Danny Bonaduce Life Coach show has a new mobile episode running tomorrow, it’s starring Pam Anderson.

On this episode, called “Pam Anderson: Mammiforous Matrimony”, Danny and his sidekick Catchphrase are summoned to save Pam from a failing career and failing marriages by becoming match makers. Will Danny’s skills save her from another divorce?

If interested I can send you the episode for you to review and post on your site. Be one of the firsts…

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.
Cori Walworth
CBS Media Relations

  • Pardon me, I have some crank calls to make to CBS media relations.
    Where did I put that Al Pacino sound board?

  • Surely it can’t be any worse than “The Partridge Family 2200 AD”.


    At any rate, I would guess you won’t be getting any more press releases from them.

  • Wait. What?

    I don’t see TV much these days, but is this a real show?

  • Chris Sobieniak

    It’s funny the things that get made I hardly care to watch anymore! I’ll surely miss this up and coming programme for the masses.

    The Partridge Family 2200 AD…

    Oh there’s something that has to be in “Worst Cartoons Ever!” It’s astounding what came out of what was intended to be an update on a familiar series (much like with the Flintstones), only to be sold in favor of sticking those guys in instead. It’s hard for me to get past the opening credits alone without having that come to my head, it’s just so annoying I can’t stand it!

  • i’m getting a headache…..

  • Art F

    This is actually for a segment of his radio show out here in L.A. He’s so awful, they only put him on for 1hr a day. That just about says it all.

  • Please don’t give chaff like this more exposure. Let it die from lack of oxygen.

  • I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an episode of this on Aniboom. It IS animated at least…

  • Didn’t Danny do a “Scooby Doo” at Hanna-Barbera some years ago? I recall seeing him in the hallway.

  • Thad Williams

    Danny should use his own “skills” to save HIS failing career. And that CBS media relations parasite needs a televised public enema.

  • Mike Kazaleh

    Danny Bonaduce did the voice of the nasty, red-haired pervert midget in “Little Pimp”, so there’s kind of a cartoon connection.

  • Train Wrecks R Us

  • I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  • barney dillweed

    Another marketing major with a degree who knows nothing about who they are selling to, but think they do know everything.

  • Hey, let’s not forget that he dropped that chump from “Survivor” on his face. He’s not completely useless.

  • I just want to point out CBS actually PAID to make this. There’s a development department that gets a salary to make THAT decision.

    Doesn’t that make all you other creators feel great? Seriously, for real?


    And Mike Kazaleh–you’re a genius. I love your work!

  • This…is HILARIOUS. I got to show this to Miss Finke.

  • interesting how amid’s complaining about this woman breaking one of your rules, when you go ahead and do it yourself by publishing her work contact info. bad form.

  • top cat james

    Where’s Reuben Kincaid when you need him?

  • I just went over to Aniboom and tried to watch one of these episodes. Unwatchable. Plodding and unfunny. Sorry Cori..the idea is not “fun.” It’s ugly, tries too hard and is poorly timed. The freakin’ things drags on forever!

    And once again, someone insists on dragging one of the most tired cultural freaks out to dust off and place in yet some new embarrassing, hard to choke down bit of “entertainment.” And this from a major corporation. Is it any wonder that otherwise brilliant show pitches from talented artists never see the light of day? This is what companies like CBS want to invest in.

    So what happens in the Pam Anderson episode..does he throw her over his shoulder on stage and break her front teeth off? *rolls eyes*

  • Weldon

    So these network media relations departments are like farm teams that birth future studio creative execs?

  • Barney Dillweed is sooooooo right. The only thing missing from the message was “Yibba Dibba Dabba!”

  • OM

    …Actually, you have to give Danny credit for one thing – giving Geraldo Rivera one of the best come-uppances in talk show history. Geraldo is prattling about how Danny’s recently getting busted with a transvestite hooker will probably ruin his career, and Danny delivers this retort:

    “Well, you went searching for Al Capone’s vaults, and your career survived!”

    …Needless to say, Geraldo was pissed. The only other time he ever got slammed that hard was when some Klansman hit him in the face with a chair!

  • Manatee

    Wow, another bit of modern animation that Cartoon Brew doesn’t like. Stop the presses! This series isn’t great, but someone’s getting paid to make it. When you animate something and put it out there, then perhaps you can criticize other people’s work. Don’t be a tool.

  • I must disagree, Manatee. You don’t have to be an animator or film maker to know a stinker when you see it. I certainly don’t make cars but know poorly designed ones when I use them or restaurant meals but I know bad ones when I taste ’em.

    Yeah, someone got paid to make it. Well, people get paid to make cheap crap like lead filled toys and dog food that end up poisoning pets. People get paid to produce alot of poor quality stuff. I hardly think it’s something to celebrate, especially when most of their wages are subpar to boot.

    I understand the upside of knowing artists are working, but I can’t celebrate every end product that comes down the line because of it.

  • Manatee

    All I’m saying, Cynthia, is that even sub-par animation takes days, if not weeks, months or years to create. It only takes a second to go on some web site and rip it apart. And to do it with glee is just being an A-hole. If you don’t like it, just ignore it. Christ, I bet Amid could talk some of you people into participating in a public stoning. Those who can’t create seem to take a lot of pleasure in destroying.

  • DaveCu

    although I agree thats absurd, i think posting the email and personal number is a bit much