Don Hertzfeldt Leaves The Animation Show Don Hertzfeldt Leaves The Animation Show

Don Hertzfeldt Leaves The Animation Show

Sad news from our favorite touring cartoon festival, The Animation Show. Don Hertzfeldt, who co-founded the Show with Mike Judge, announced in his online journal on March 16 that he will no longer be involved with the Show. The reasons for his departure are vague; the text of his online post reads:

last week i decided it was time for me to part ways with the animation show. it’s been five years and three tours and some good memories. they have a new tour rolling through theaters this summer and i don’t know what will be in it but i encourage you to go check it out

The Animation Show is still being run by a competent group of folks and I have no reason to believe that they won’t continue to grow and prosper. Still, Hertzfeldt was a huge part of the Show’s personality and it’s sad to see him leave.

  • I’ve always enjoyed Herzfeldt’s stream-of-consciousness-like journal. It’s sometimes hard to read, but it feels very raw and unfiltered, just like his films.

    Too bad he has decided to leave The Animation Show – no offense to all the others involved, but he was the signature animator of the show, IMHO.

  • That’s a shame. The Animation show will feel completely different without Hertzfeldt’s input. I just hope the show doesn’t stray too far away from its original intentions.

    Hopefully this doesn’t mean he won’t return to it sometime in the distant future. At least for now, he is still encouraging viewers to see it anyway.

  • John

    His input as contributor and programmer were the heart & soul of the event and the main reason I went :( Mike Judge and The Animation show should have done everything in their power to convince him to stay. I hope we find out more news about what happened.