Ed Wynn Deals with TV Network Execs Ed Wynn Deals with TV Network Execs

Ed Wynn Deals with TV Network Execs

Ed Wynn on TV network executives in 1950: “You know what an executive is to me? An executive is a man who gets $50,000 a year, has a beautiful office, couple of secretaries, but no job.”

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

  • jordan reichek

    nice! that will get you up in the mornin! who needs coffee?

    thanks, amid!

  • “Plus les choses sont écrites en français, plus il est difficile de les lire”

    • Mehr also für die jenigen unter uns, die Deutsch gelernt!

  • uncle wayne

    that’s funny that i view this only minutes after I had watched a Stooges film (with Shemp!) It is very rare to see them on (early) tv (sans in their films). The true key to a Stooges-type of humor is the soundtrack….all of which dissapates on a (live) tv show!! Still a treat to see them!

    • Gerard de Souza

      Yes. It’s funnier with bonks and violin plucks.

  • He’s right. What else can be said? Other than an executive is a usually a person with no artistic talent who gets paid to tell artist what they think despite it having no bearing on the shows success (usually a crippling effect).

  • Pedro Nakama

    Ed Wynn had a cell phone?

  • snip2354

    “Stretch your arms out like this…”

  • Steven M.

    Executives go away.

  • tonma

    executives as stooges!!! with the real stooges!!!! THIS IS GOLD!

  • I had the opportunity to meet Ed Wynn while working at Disney. For years, Walt kept him on as a regular. His son, Keenan often played bad guys in Walt’s live-action films.

  • David Breneman

    I’d be interested to know how Larry’s bubble gag was accomplished. The bubbles were obviously coming out of his mouth, not a tube or something else behind his head. I assume that when he brings the hankerchief up to his lips, he’s removing some kind of device from his mouth.

  • Spread out!

  • Great stuff! But I wanna see that UPA looking Camel commercial.

  • Magic!..I loved Ed Wynn in “Cinderfella”.