apparati apparati

“Tetragram for Enlargement” by Apparati Effimeri

Apparati Effimeri

There has been a lot of growth in site-specific animation over the past few years, and artists like Blu and Pablo Valbuena are finding different ways to incorporate the built environment into animation. The video installation “Tetragram for Enlargement,” created by the Italian visual artist collective Apparati Effimeri, is set against a medieval castle, and it’s one of the trippiest marriages of architecture and animation I’ve seen to date.

  • christy

    that is AMAZING!

  • some guy

    glad to see there are folks out there finding unique, thought provoking applications of animation instead of… you know, talking animals and the continued cannibalization of pop culture.

  • Donald Benson

    Fearless prediction: If there’s s Super Bowl next year, there will be a ripoff of this ending with a giant beer or soda logo. And they’ll have a cheap version that goes on tour like the Oscar Meyer Wiener Wagon and projects onto generic office buildings. Earning some marketing execs industry awards for creativity.

  • This is beautiful. The music is a bit distracting after a while though.

  • Robert Schaad

    I liked it. Nice haunting, hypnotic techno-y music too.

  • Mike

    wow that’s flippin did they even do that? just projectors?

  • JG

    Mindblowing. Seeing this in person must be unbelievable. Very well done.