roadrunner-exhibit-a roadrunner-exhibit-a

Exhibit of Warner Bros. cartoon art

Do you want to attend this exhibit of Warner Bros. animation artwork?

Roadrunner exhibit

Me too!

Too bad none of us can see it though because it doesn’t actually exist. These enticing gallery concepts were created for fun by David de Rooij who co-directed the short Slim Pickings Fat Chances. He was inspired to make these images after seeing this post on the Animation Backgrounds blog.

Roadrunner exhibitRoadrunner exhibit
  • Andrew

    I’d give me left nut to see an exhibit like this.

  • I won’t give any of my nuts, but I’d love to see it. So this guy created these AFTER that post? He is very fast. These are beautiful.

  • Aww I got all excited…

  • Katella Gate

    All I saw was the headline “Do you want to go…” and quickly flipped thru the pictures, all the while thinking “Can I?, How much? Where? … God please, not Europe, can’t afford it.”

    You are too cruel Amid…

  • Hey, it’s like they’re walking around in my head. Freaky.

  • Sadly, it’s pretty obvious that this isn’t real because of the reflections in the floor. Nice Photoshop work otherwise, though.

    • Sadly, the commenter reacts to a fun idea with sadness.

  • Chappell

    Some years ago, back in 2007 perhaps, a young artist put up an extremely similar installation. I think it was in Houston, TX (I’ve slept since then…) He covered the walls with Wile E. Coyote/Road Runner animation backgrounds and piped the sound effects into the gallery. It was actually quite mystical, to stare at desert backgrounds and hear a faint “meep meep!”

    It kills me that I can’t remember the artists name.

  • @fluffy: you have been looking at the these pictures longer than it took me to make them. It was never my intention to make a photoshop-masterpiece, I just wanted to see what a Warner Bros. Background Art Exhibition would look like! And I think it looks great! Hopefully the people who can make this happen for real will get inspired by this!

  • Very nice Daaf! Totally inspiring! Great idea.

    Make it grand.


  • Ha, I’d love to go see that. I saw those BG’s on the animation backgrounds blog last week and they literally left me breathless. Thanks David for putting them in the context that others should see them in.

  • Seriously awesome! I would love to see something like this.

  • Haha, what a tease! Now it just makes me want a giant Road Runner cartoon background mural in my room…

  • Chuck R.

    Maurice Noble rocks.

  • Pedro Nakama

    First picture, the one on the left. I’d like that piece of art.

  • Hans W.

    Way to go, David!
    Keep up the good work.

  • DRH

    Well it might be a bit late but the gallery in Edmonton, Canada has a show that looks very similar to this, with whole wall backgrounds and a lot more. They also compare Warner Bros. with M.C Escher’s work which was really interesting. There’s still time!