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Important Lesson of the Day

Don’t mess with Trey Parker and Matt Stone because the simple act of threatening the creators of South Park will land you 25 years in prison. Our judicial system is more lenient with murderers and child rapists. Thankfully, we can still call Walt Disney a Jew-hating Nazi, too.

  • Toonio

    Respect their authoritah….

  • MichaelHughes

    It’s an Islamic-terrorism themed threat so the act carried more legal weight. Insane.

  • I’m starting to stand on my head these days because I believe we’re living in crazy upside-down land.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Reminds me of that film “Up is Down” that best explains how some of us feel!

  • We need that Kliban cartoon “Out of the way you swine, a cartoonist is coming through!”

  • David Breneman

    Are there even any new South Park episodes this year?

    • New episodes will begin April 27, about a month later than usual.

  • Bubba

    Well since extremist Muslims have been known to carry out their death threats as well as put anybody who looks at them the wrong way on a death list I don’t have too much sympathy for this Islamic individual.

    • Um

      Seems to me to be a culturally and politically motivated, unfairly harsh sentence for a foolish 21 year old kid. Your lack of sympathy just might be a measure of something else.

      • annie

        Um, you don’t seem to understand what it means when some Islamic nutjob calls for your death. A fatwa can be carried out by anyone. The sentence was NOT unduly harsh. The guy “posted online messages that included the writers’ home addresses and urged online readers to “pay them a visit,” the documents said.”

        That means he left them open to be murdered – and encouraged their murder – by any Muslim angered because Mohammed had been ridiculed.

        this is not an act by a “foolish kid” – it’s the act of a jihadist.

        And it’s a worldwide attack on free speech and our freedoms. Don’t take it wait until it’s at your back door.

    • People from all walks of life making death threats have been known to carry out death threats.

    • Funkybat

      I have no problem with people who make death threats, especially those who spread private information about their targets such as home addresses, receiving punishment, including prison time. Still, 25 years seems a little excessive.

      Imagine is this kid was some kind of “disaffected youth” who decided he had a personal vendetta against Matt & Trey. Or his own personal Voice of God in his head told him that he had to attack them and get others to attack them. While he would undoubtedly would have gotten media exposure and some prison time for it, I doubt it would have been 25 years. The whole “jihad” angle is what put this over the top. If it were 1920, and he claimed to be a “communist” or “anarchist” that would have been the hot button to put him away for an extra-long time.

      Treating Muslim extremists are any worse than other violent extremists is a political ploy more than anything based in fact or justice. Treat criminals the same based on their crimes. He shouldn’t have gotten any more time than someone who is part of a UFO cult who calls on his fellow alien worshippers to go kill someone to speed their ascent into the mothership.

  • wow!

  • m(_ _)m

    Considering the christian abortion doctor shooter got life/parole at 25 years, i guess this might seem understandable.. But still, 25 years for threatening someone on the internet? come on…

    Plus, it’s really hard to feel bad for the south park guys (even IF they had actually been harmed in anyway), because it’s like knowing that bully in the corner will beat you up if you touch him, so they’re over there waving hands in his face going “I’m not touching you!” to garner a laugh from their peers. I think the whole “south park does taboo topics” idea is cute, but if they want to intentionally, arrogantly, piss off people (who they know are violent), then the consequences are totally on them.

    • Hal

      Reason Zachary Chesser was arrested by the FBI and got 25 years was for ‘plans to fly overseas and join an Islamic militant group, and he was charged with providing material support to terrorists (including detailed instructions on how to support the jihad in Somalia) as well as communicating threats and soliciting others to commit violence—including posting messages that contained Parker’s and Stone’s home addresses and encouraging readers to “pay them a visit.”’

  • Derik

    Wow, what an idiot! The guy should’ve blamed Canada! tsk tsk

  • I think this is above Matt and Trey. It doesn’t matter who is getting the terroristic threats. The law has to set precedent against fanatics to protect free speech.

  • Amid’s statement and the posts above gives me new insight on the situation.
    On one hand, the creators of South Park should know what they’re getting into by trying to be edgy by offending as many people as they can.
    On the other hand, this in a way shows we aren’t going to let terrorists (and terrorist wannabees) push us around, by threatening to kill people even over a cartoon.

    Either way, I hope the episodes that’s been censored/removed will be available to watch on TV or the internet.

    • Scarabim

      Yes, I still want to see those censored Mohammed episodes…

  • Um

    And Sarah Palin walks free. What a country.

    • Karim

      In case people don’t know, on her website and alongside targets aimed at democrats she also “tweeted” :

      “Don’t Retreat — Instead RELOAD!”

      Gabrielle Giffords didn’t see it coming.

    • …and your point is?

      • Scarabim

        Sounds like they’re taking things out of context just a smidge…

      • Um

        Point being, to paraphrase Bubba above, non-Muslim extremists have also been known to carry out perceived death threats.

  • 2011 Teenager

    “Whaddya lookin’ at?! It’s a cartoon!” – Peter Griffin

  • Anthony Zart

    Since my two cents is as worthless as anyone else’s…
    There is an obvious nerve struck that “trey and matt” get some kind exclusive special decree for their protection — which they don’t. This is an issue of what the government perceives as a threat. Is it a bit overboard? Perhaps, especially in contrast to murder and child rapists. But to assume its THEIR law is absurd.

    They have drawn this attention/flak as a result of their brand of offensive comedy, which depending on the approach, may or may not be factually accurate — in this case in regards to the Islamic religion. This has incited many radical responses on a number of levels, all of which are ridiculously insane and completely overblown.
    Which leads me to wonder why a post from yesterday about “Nazi-Disney” is worthwhile.

    Forgive me if the Islam-South Park issue was covered in such a manner, but it would seem to me that both issues fall under the categories of over-sensitivity and parody — with varied and differing responses.

    This blog took a great deal of space (and time) to justify that Walt Disney was not in fact a Nazi. Anyone who cared or was worth their wits would know this to not be true. Highlighting and drawing attention to this parody/myth only exposes the sheer stupidity of people in general. People believe a lot of ridiculous drivel that is far more threatening than a bunch of tweens under the impression that Disney hated Jews. I mean, this kid wants to KILL Trey and Matt based on his offended beliefs. Last time I checked, few Semitic people, of any age, were lining up to piss on ole’ Walts frozen casket.

    If people are collecting facts based on the accountability of a cartoon show, then what does that tell you in the first place? In SOME ways, it is no more different than this moron who feels the need to jihad an animation group for poking fun at his religion.
    Cartoons are a serious medium, though more often than not should be taken as anything BUT serious.

    • Funkybat

      I don’t think the “extra punishment” was a result of it being the South Park guys who were targeted. I think if this kid called “holy Jihad” against some minor media personality or even a “nobody” that he felt was blasphemous, he would have gotten as much or almost as much time.

      It’s the “Islamic Terrorist” aspect of the whole thing. The only reasonable grounds I can see for his long sentence is that he allegedly planned to go overseas to become a real terrorist instead of an “Internet Tough Guy for Muhammed.” Still, that tiptoes closer to punishing people for crimes they haven’t committed yet, a la “Minority Report.” I feel he should have been punished for what he has already done. 10-15 years seems like a reasonable sentence for what he actually did. You have to know that no matter what the sentence, after he gets out, he’s going to be on the CIA’s watchlist for life anyway, so he won’t make much of a stealth agent for terrorists anyway.

  • Ed

    Has anyone threated to kill someone for calling Walt a Nazi?

    • I imagine animation nerds on the internet have threatened far worse for far less when it comes to arguing about cartoons.

  • A friend of mine told about how conflict moves a story forward, the news media is represents some of the great narrative storytelling of our time.

    The “Summer of the Shark” is my personal frame of reference for fictitious fear mongering. Lifeguards and swimmers around Florida were experiencing something like mass hysteria, when all you had to do was follow UF’s shark file to know nothing was out of the ordinary.

    I’m not saying sharks aren’t dangerous, there just way less dangerous than people (all people) and driving.

    • Funkybat

      Yeah, I remember the “Summer of the Shark.” It was soon replaced in the news cycle with something actually worth getting bent out of shape about…

  • bob

    Well … comparing an actual threat (including addresses and calls for fanatics to take violent action) to someone calling a historical figure names is the height of absurdity. Walt is dead — and the historical record will work itself out with responsible historians — comedy bits distorting the historical record will be forgotten.

    However, a threat that could murder human beings alive today for exercising free speech is dangerous and should be addressed. Comparing the two is sophistry of the worst kind.

    • Funkybat

      I agree that any attempt to draw comparisons between what this guy did and the ongoing disparaging talk about Walt Disney is completely specious. Claims that Walt Disney was anti-Semitic or otherwise racist are at best a spurious historical debate and at worst slander. At no point does any of it approach the level of someone calling for others to threaten or kill another living person.

      Apples and oranges, through and through…

  • Attila

    He did a little more than threaten them; he incited others to do them harm. That’s a big deal, and there’s a few broadcasters, especially in radio, who need to take heed of this. People in the USA don’t realize that this is the sort of thing that has preceded mass violence and strife in other countries.

  • Hal

    Zachary publicly posted their home addresses in addition to encouraging others to attack them – he admitted guilt in court and is taking his sentence. The real shame is that it is now an AMERICAN-BORN convert to Islam who is the poster child for Islamic Extremism in the US after he targeted celebrities. Of course this gets downplayed here and then two cherry picked examples are strung out to make a snarky comment, BUT if you READ THE DAMN ARTICLES that Amid posted the reason the murderers only got 9 years is due to an acquital in court on the murder charges (due to Police falsifying records and testimony) and the unfortunately limited charges against the rapist who continued to deny his guilt (despite a DNA test proving he impregnated the girl) – but pointing these factors out vs. engaging the same exploitative tactics as Fox News apparently isn’t in Cartoon Brew cards. If you want to make a REAL point Amid, bring up the facts in your links to argue the state of our legal system in some context. There’s plenty of instances in which murderers and rapists get long term sentences and you KNOW it, don’t risk playing the fool so long that you become one just because famous animators are involved.

  • Hal

    I also am appalled that Amid has the nerve to say it is the “simple act of threatening” – I know these talkbacks are full of heated arguments that devolve to trolling (so maybe you’re conditioned to it) but in what Democratic world is threatening and inciting murder and violence against ANYONE acceptable? If it was an independent animator who made Mohammed jokes and suffered at the threats, not rock stars of our industry, would the same attitudes apply Amid?

  • sigh

    Amid’s post is an excellent example of why we should at least wait 15 minutes before we flippantly toss off a blog entry.
    What may sound clever or funny in that first moment generally turns out to reveal our own petty insecurities and prejudices.

    • Thanks for posting a second example.

  • This is why Family Guy hasn’t done a ‘skit’ on South Park. They know once they mess with the Stone & Parker, they’re gonna get hurt.

    • Mike Russo

      And I applaud FG for not taking Trey and Matt’s childish bait.

  • Seriously tho “the simple act of”?!

    This thread will end well. :)

  • abslom28

    I’m a Muslim, and I agree that this guy should be arrested. Terrorism should never be encouraged, no matter what the cause. All this guy did is making us Muslims look bad. I mean, I understand how he feels. I was not exactly pleased when South Park decided to do the Prophet Muhammad thing again, but I would never even think to harm real people over it in any way.

    Still, that said, I think that 25 years is a bit harsh. This kid will lose a quarter of his life simply for being an idiot.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      Seems to be the way of the world these days.

  • Mister Twister


  • Chris Sobieniak

    Course at the end of the day, the real lesson learned here folks is DON’T BE STUPID!