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Some happy news to report today. The Mass Animation project that we mentioned here last week released a new set of details today on their Facebook page. Notably among those details is that every artist whose work is used for the short will be compensated financially. Granted that the project is still structured like a contest and there’s a chance that the work you create won’t be used in the film (hence no compensation), but at least the artists whose work wins approval will receive something for their effort. Exploring new production models based on online collaboration is a worthy cause as long as it’s not done on the backs of artists, and I’m glad that we can now show some support behind a contest like Mass Animation.

  • Hulk

    I still hope that this doesn’t become a production model in the future. They’re still getting a bunch of animators to do free work and only the ones they pick get paid. That’s still unfair if you ask me and sounds like every other trumped up Hollywood BS contest I’ve run in to in LA and on craigslist. I wish I could be optimistic about this. I really do. I’d love to be proven wrong.

  • Daniel j. M.

    Does a recently graduated student get paid for the work he shows to employers? I don’t really see the difference. Its an interview on ability without a Q&A. I would be angry though if Sony owns the submitted work, but I somehow doubt that. Don’t know why. If anything, they’re giving away a nice little toy to play with for a while (Maya trial) that anyone can fool around with, and that’s pretty nice.

  • Pete

    Yeah it’s as simple as if you don’t like it, don’t enter. People need to get off their high horse and chill out.

  • Hulk

    Yeah I see your points.

  • john

    i dont think you have anything to worry about (those of you who think it might be a model for the future) ive been a part of/watched many online projects similar to this kind of thing. the results are usually never the quality the contest thrower would hope to have. think about it, all the super talented animators have jobs already and cant afford to spend time on a contest.

  • Arnald

    Still you don’t see the picture. they (big corps) will end with the rights of
    the film and still “IF” becomes a success it will perpetuate this scheme as
    a model for production leaving behind everyone who originally participated
    and move on with new, hungry recruits right off school and so on.

    Wake up people, if you want to do something worthwhile do your own thing, don’t let this big corp assholery tactics take advantage of you.

    You need software? all the main corps have trial versions for free on their sites, why do you need to waste your tim on this crap?!!

    I love tech and progress but animation and film production is an effort
    which it needs the collab of many peeps and just because you have a online access does not means a huge endeavor such as creating a worth
    piece of moving picture will make it ok.


    PLEASE! prove me wrong.

  • Hey Pete,

    I’m really behind on some projects.

    Can you do some work for me? If I like it, I’ll pay you far below the going rate.

    Great exposure! Great for your reel!

  • Hi,
    reading some of your comments has been rough. There was definitely some misunderstanding regarding the launch of MassAnimation.

    To begin, I’d like to give you some insight into our process. We decided to go out with the news of our project and the partners involved at SIGGRAPH so as to reach as many people as possible while everyone was gathered in LA. This first announcement was designed to give a “heads-up” and was in no way meant to contain every detail.

    It was always our intent to disclose more as soon as we had more details locked down. We had planned to post specific information in September, including of course the way in which all artists included in the films will be compensated for their work – financially as well as with hardware and software prizing and credits. More specifically, artists whose work ends up in the final short will receive cash, an earnings participation, a credit and the right to a paid position on the future feature length film when it goes.

    on a personal note, I love animation and have great respect for animators and the art itself. I created MassAnimation to show that you do not have to be part of a giant company to make great CGI animation today. You and people like you have the power to create amazing stories and characters on your desktops with the collaboration of like minded people online around the world. This project is just one example of what I hope is possible that I found personally compelling and wanted to engage the community to make.
    Our sponsors, the corporate partners do not own the MassAnimation work, were excited about building a more empowered community using their hardware and software.

    I am really excited by the potential that MassAnimation can expand the way entertainment is created today. I am equally excited to show the world animation talent, that up to this point, may not have had the opportunity to share its creative talents through lack of access to media outlets.

    We will provide more information as we figure things out. If you have specific ideas, send me a note on Facebook and please stay tuned to for updates.

    I appreciate your interest in our project. I am really looking forward to the future of animation…MassAnimation.


  • pappy d

    This model could work. The issues, as I see them are:

    1)how much cash? We’re quite used to being judged on the quality of our work, just as you, Yair, are properly judged on your ability to make money happen.

    2)are these gross profits or net profits (monkey points)? This very site bears testimony to the fact that there’s no shortage of media outlets in the 21st century. Animators merely lack access to money.

    3)has enough money & talent been spent on pre-production, especially story, story, story & rigs? Many well-funded studio productions suck in these areas. (there’s no profit even to students in working on a shoddy rig. I assume they can keep a non-watermarked copy of rejected footage for a portfolio).

    The important question is: Do you, Yair, and people like you have the power to create amazing stories and characters on your desktops with the collaboration of like minded people online around the world?

    It doesn’t inspire much confidence to offer this already-“empowered community” the possibility of x dollars on condition that they prove worthy of their hire. Still, this sounds like an interesting experiment & I look forward to hearing the details.

  • Hi,
    I personally think this is a wonderful project that came from really innovative minds who has understood the immense posibilities of the new powerful medium of Internet, so in this case Lindau’s thinking can been compared to that of people like Disney, Lasseter or Spielberg.
    I have been watching the industry for about a decade and never saw a similar oppurtunity of this dimension and further possibilities, most online competitions that are out there are having these limiting factors:
    1) competitions are only for Completed Short films
    2) awards are limited by a cash prize or say, a trip to Newyork ( i.e. in no way giving further carrer oppurtunities)

    So, considering the fact that even though the vast majority of experts in the industry are already employed somewhere, tthere is another truth we have to notice; lot many immensely talented Animators are out there who doesn’t have an opening to come up into the arena, not to mention an oppurtunity to work in a film.

    So in short considering the fact that it is supported by multi national companies who are the best in their respective fields like Intel and Autodesk and sony, I have my full voice in support of projects like this as long as they pay the chosen works as they have promised, I dont mind if they are not paid as much as regular film company, as long as the pay is reasonable.

    I encourage other Studios and Companies to come forward with projects like this and give oppurtunities to young talents out there who don’t even have access to a good Maya rig to show off there talents!!