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New York Animation: 2010 Year in Review

New Years

It’s not quite the end of 2010, but ASIFA-East president David Levy has already compiled a post about 2010 New York animation highlights. It’s a fine checklist of many major events that happened in New York during 2010. The list is done from a personal point of view so there are omissions obviously, notably from New York’s VFX and CG community, which comprises a large portion of the city’s animated output.

  • I will admit, I was rather taken aback by the level of animation activity going on in New York that’s outlined. Cheers to Dave for highlighting them!

  • David Levy

    Thanks, Amid, for the post, and Charles, for the comment.

    I would agree that the NY animation scene is lively. We are scrappy bunch of survivors and there’s so much talent here doing incredible things, whether working on a commercial projects or indie ones.

    This is the city of Felix the Cat, The Fleischers, The Hubleys, Sesame Workshop, MTV Animation, Bill Plympton, etc… outside of L.A., no other place in America has created such an indelible stamp on animation. Long live NY animation!

  • Hey! Tell us where that swell image is from! (Please)

  • mr. levy is right– the new york animation community is a scrappy bunch of survivors and his list makes me miss the city’s energy, hustle and enthusiasm! and the bagels.