The Hub No Longer Encourages “Belly Bros” and “Care Dudes” The Hub No Longer Encourages “Belly Bros” and “Care Dudes”

The Hub No Longer Encourages “Belly Bros” and “Care Dudes”

The Hub has responded to yesterday’s brouhaha caused by this Care Bears press release from their pr agency, BWR Public Relations. Crystal Williams, the Hub’s manager of communications and publicity, sent me the following note this afternoon:

Hi Amid,

Last night I came across your story on Cartoon Brew titled “The Hub Hopes Men Will Start Calling Themselves “Belly Bros” and “Care Dudes.” In response, I wanted to let you know that this was an unapproved and unsanctioned pitch by our PR agency that we are completely taken aback by. Both The Hub TV Network nor American Greetings Properties had any knowledge of the pitch angle. It is not our intention to compare Care Bears to My Little Pony and/or the Brony community.

All the best,
Crystal Williams
Manager, Communications & Publicity
The Hub

  • chipper

    I’m relieved. My Little Pony still remains a show for little girls. A good one, but it’s still for little girls, and Lauren Faust gave it a feminist approach by making it appeal to little girls of varied backgrounds/personalites. I know a lot of bronies will trickle in and tell me I’m wrong, that it’s for men, feminism is bad, that I’m a (insert derogatory term for a woman here), but that’s how it is.

    Care Bears, too, should always be for kids. If any kids’ show gets an adult fanbase following it, fine, but it just seems kind of cruel to start trying to demand and adult fanbase, because it seems like it’s taking away from children. Kind of taking candy from a baby, a practice which only Mr. Burns would approve of.

    In short: sit back and let kids have their shows, adults.

    • Erik

      The initial audience may be for children, but there’s nothing that restricts adults from watching. Why exactly would this take away from children? It really doesn’t matter who you claim to aim at, because it can still appeal to other audiences. Besides, I think Lauren Faust intended this show to appeal to everyone; something parents could watch with their kids.

      • Xelioth

        She’s saying that having adult fans enjoy the show is great, but MAKING the show for adults just isn’t right. Make the show the best it can be for the kids rather than spend your energy trying to get an adult following. It would just seem fake.

      • Erik

        Well, of course, making it just for adults would be limiting. In my opinion, making it FOR an a specific audience seems fake. As Chuck Jones said, “We make this for ourselves.”

    • Scarabim

      In what way does the adult audience for MLP take anything away from kids? Do you feel the same way when Sesame Street does parodies of adult programming in an attempt to amuse ITS adult viewers?

      • Xelioth

        “If any kids’ show gets an adult fanbase following it, fine”

        Did you miss this part? She doesn’t mind that the show gets an adult following, but making the show with the expressed intent of getting adult viewers to like it would rob the show of its magic as they try too hard to make it less kiddy.

    • noob york city

      Who exactly is “trying to demand and adult fanbase” ? The goofballs who posted that “caredudes” statement? I’m pretty sure either they were joking, or way WAY too stupid to understand that the fanbase grew out of adults who came to enjoy a kids show. I agree with most of your statement, however, “sit back and let kids have their shows, adults.” That statement carries a LOT more than I think you intended.

      It sounds like you’re implying kid show time is kid-only show time. That parents shouldn’t be involved in their kid’s TV time. That little kids should be left alone to be zombified by the “free babysitter” that their DVD player has become.

      Faust has stated that the show is for little girls AND THEIR PARENTS so that they could watch together. Most shows targeted for that age group are so unbearable (no pun intended) that most parents walk away and leave their children to become budding couch potatoes. Do little kids appreciate ballet? Or classical piano? Sure. Some kids like broccoli too, but generally the answer to those questions is no. But that didn’t stop Jim Henson from putting cultured segments in The Muppet Show just long enough so that the little ones won’t walk away out of boredom. Adults enjoyed the Muppet Show back then, and you don’t hear people whining about grown men are watching Kermit from Sesame Street.

      And even if Friendship Is Magic was the same mindless “Barney the Dinosaur” drivel that many kids shows are today, what difference does it make if it has adult fans?

  • Mac

    I like how you editorially counter Crystals implied assertion that the PR email you received somehow was never “real” or never “really” happened or represented The Hub. As far as anyone else is concerned, they’re just waffly.

  • Taco Wiz

    No, it was definitely sanctioned. I doubt the PR agency does stuff this big without any sort of approval. The Hub is just trying to take back what they said, which seems to have upset some people.

    • JULAY

      The Hub is giving TRUE and HONEST autistics a bad name!

      • Funkybat

        A high crime, to be sure….

        This has to be a world speed record for Internet Snark Forcing a Retraction from a corporation.

    • Steve Gattuso

      Sadly, there’s PR firms dumb enough to do just about anything. One doesn’t have to have a license or a diploma to run one.

      • Fullmetal X

        Agreed. Some PR companies have done some stupid things without the consent of the companies they have contracts with. The former PR group that handled contracts for 2K Games, The Redner Group, got fired after they posted a stupid comment about the negative reviews the game was getting, apparently without consent from 2K.

        I can totally see a stupid PR firm trying to cash in on the Brony phenomenon without talking to the Hub about it.

  • This is so dumb, I love it.

  • Trevor

    “trial balloon” I think is the term she’s looking for

  • Rando

    So, the network doesn’t know what their publicity department is up to? Sounds like they run a tight ship over there.

  • Julian

    Hmmm, sounds like a take back, but oh well, no weight on my back. You can pick your shows but you can’t pick your fans. I’m no fan of MLP, but I can see why it got the following it did. At first glance, sounds like a horrible toy pushing idea from the 1980s, but when actually watching it, it plays like a memorable cartoon from “90s, 2000s”. So not my cup of tea, but I respect it.

  • Pfffft, quick on the draw. Clearly there was some communication errors at the Hub lair.

  • Matt Sullivan

    Aha ha ha! I love seeing the HUB squirm. I think they are secretly embarrassed by the whole Brony thing, but since it’s so big they decided to “go with it” rather than outright endorse it like the stars of the show do.

    I’m actually glad. I kinda think we oughta reserve SOME entertainment just for kids.

    • Why?

      • The Gee

        Most adults are too big for Big Wheels?

        Not everything cartoon-oriented needs to be made for grownups. This is despite the fact that in most cases grownups are the ones buying it for kids, things like merchandise/ tie-ins, DVDs, books, etc.

        But, there’s nothing wrong with kids having content made for them and them alone. Maybe contemporary feature animation throwing in jokes parents get spoils grownups. But, for every feature release that does that there is probably Direct to Video feature lengths that keep it geared for kids.

      • I have what I think is a better idea: Make content that is GOOD, rather than “made for” anyone. That is the genius of Lauren Faust and her crew. The writing’s appeal to all age groups comes naturally from its quality.

  • Yellow Mellow Bro

    *tongue placed firmly in cheek*

    Don’t harsh my mellow belly bro. If this Care Dude wants to cling to an old & outdated franchise trying to keep it’s head above the rising waters of time in hopes of remaining in the oxygen rich air of all that is current & popular, then let e’m.

    You can’t tell us not to believe or do what this blog inferred you were subliminally hoping we’d all do to further increase your own market ends. Trendy things only become trendy things the moment you stop trying to label them as trendy thing. Just let it be & ride the wave of belly serenity.

  • Telling lies doesn’t set a good example for their target audience.

  • So they got you to write more about the show after all!

    Well-played, Hub PR.

  • Scarabim

    My opinion of The Hub just went up 1,000,0000,0000 per cent.

  • uh oh

    someone got fired at the hub?

  • Steve Gattuso

    Why do I think someone or some firm just got fired?

  • Guest

    Haha, that didn’t take long.

  • Inkan1969

    Unapproved? Who’s running things back there?

  • Mister Twister


  • wever

    Oh gee whiz.

    See I KNEW that letter was fishy!

  • “General Burkhalter, I assure you that there has never been an escape from Stalag 13!!”

    “No, no, Mrs. Kravitz. That’s not Queen Victoria — it’s just my —uhh, eccentric Aunt who thinks she is.”

  • Alissa

    Wow, they covered their backsides so fast it left friction burns.

    Can’t force a fandom Hub!

  • Ryan

    When wiewed on main page… 32 Comments »

    When article opened… No comments yet.

    Hmmm… somethings up here cartoon brew website. Those comments be hiding.

  • Neither/Nor. Just saying.

  • Cyberguy64

    Huh… That actually makes me feel a little better.

  • Jorge Garrido

    That press line about Care Bros was obviously meant to be cheeky and not meant to be taken seriously. I write things like that all the time for my job. I’ve never gotten in trouble for it, but it was one line in a press release.

  • FandomsAreTragic

    Based on the comments thread of the previous story, “completely taken aback” would be putting it very diplomatically.

  • Andrew Chinnici

    I imagine that people at The Hub/Hasbro are intuitive enough that understand that the brony phenomenon was forged from a very unique set of circumstances in a variety of unsavory virtual communities that would be difficult (not to mention highly unwise) to attempt to reproduce inorganically.

  • Rhuen

    This is good to hear; I believe MLP got lucky thanks to a wonderful creative team that resulted in a program with strong nostalgic feelings from older fans thanks to simularities to classic animal character animated shows such as the Tex Avery and classic Merry Melodies style animations.

    The Hub has plenty of programs based on earlier IPs, notice that most like Strawberry Shortcake and Pound Puppies have not attracted an older fanbase; Transformers naturally did as any Transformers cartoon would.

    From what has been seen so far in the promos of Care Bears it likely will fall into the same catagory as Strawberry Shortcake and Disney’s Tinkerbelle. I do sincerly hope the success of My Little Pony FiM does re-open the doors for classic style animated animal comedies; and not as sitcoms (not naming names).