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Those Crazy Caltech Animators

While killing time at the airport magazine stand, I found this oblivious error in an article about The Simpsons vs. Disney:


Cluelessness courtesy of the (ironically titled) British magazine Intelligent Life and writer Bee Wilson.

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  • Rooniman

    Tsk, tsk, tsk.

  • Aside from being TERRIBLY written (it reads like a BSed essay I wrote in high school), can you tell me what’s specifically egregious about this writeup?

  • Oh wait, Caltech vs. CalArts.

  • CalTech ! Hilariously clueless.

    It could have passed as a simple typo (CalTech instead of CalArts) if the writer hadn’t gone on to explain to the readers that CalTech is “a small science college in Pasadena” .

    She apparently researched her piece enough to know what CalTech is and where it is located, but it boggles the mind that it never occurred to the writer (or the editor of “Intelligent Life” ) to ask what exactly were those mathematics and astrophysics students from CalTech doing working on The Simpsons ? (after all it isn’t rocket science!)

  • Jay Sabicer

    Could’ve been worse, Bee might have mistaken Cal Poly or Cal Berkeley for CalArts. I think those guys write for Family Guy and American Dad.
    David X. Cohen (former Simpsons and current Futurama writer) came from Cal Berkeley. It’s sad that these ‘journalists’ don’t verify even with Wikipedia.

  • Scott

    It could have passed as a simple typo (CalTech instead of CalArts) if the writer hadn’t gone on to explain to the readers that CalTech is “a small science college in Pasadena” .

    Or if any of the people mentioned had gone to either CalArts OR CalTech.

    Or knew anything about animation.

  • I saw Bill Gates strolling on the campus of CalTech one evening. He looked like he could have been a Simpson’s character.

  • captainmurphy

    Dunno. There are some big time science nerds writing for the Groening shows, or at least thats what David X. Cohen leads me to believe.

  • Including Simpsons’ season ten as part of the show’s height is an opinion, but it’s also wrong. Season 10 was the beginning of the decline. Some of the current seasons are on par with that season, it’s just that it’s cool to say The Simpsons suck now.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Thanks Amid, I needed the laugh today!

  • I like the casual mention of “mostly men, all white.” Nothing like some random, out-of-place liberal outrage in a style comparison article.

  • ben

    whoda thunk someone with such a good looking wikipedia article could write such a piece of trash.

  • Saturnome

    Wow. English isn’t my first language at all, but I still can tell this part of article is poorly written.

  • Artisticulated

    @Cameron A.:

    I think the writer felt it important to point out the racial-bonding achievement of white men creating authentic dialog for bright yellow people.

  • MB

    Opinion before research is truly a time saver.

  • akira

    those damned bloody studio execs, stopping all those good ivy leaguer lightning fastballs all the time!

  • jic

    “It’s sad that these ‘journalists’ don’t verify even with Wikipedia.”

    They should just alter the Wikipedia article to match what they wrote. They can even enter their own article as a reference. problem solved!