Toddler Defies Hollywood; Cries Over Hand-Drawn Animation

In this viral video, a toddler cries during a scene of "The Chipmunk Adventure" (1987).

In this viral video, a toddler cries during a scene of “The Chipmunk Adventure” (1987).

Someone alert Hollywood! This child is still emotionally affected by hand-drawn feature animation in 2014. Didn’t she get the memo that audiences attuned to computer generated visuals no longer connect with hand-drawn animation? Looks like this kid needs a timeout until she understands the perfectly logical and sensible reasons that Hollywood has released just one hand-drawn feature over the last five years.

  • Cheese

    It occurred to me that traditional animation may NOT be dead after all, if the animation business put some “emotion” into it.

  • animatorunite

    Really? Has this what Cartoon Brew has become? i’m not trying to be a moany complainy gal or anything but are we really just going to post a random viral video and pretend that it’s some sort of big animation news or whatever. My days.

    • AmidAmidi

      Anything’s possible late-night Sunday!

    • big bad balloon

      Good call. How dare CB stray away from their breaking animation news, endless promotion of student and international art, job postings, inspiring artist of the days and in-depth animation art analysis to show someone being moved by animation. Clean it up, CB!

      • Pan

        Except this is nothing more than some random Reddit video that shows nothing of actual importance to the animation community.

        This might as well be clickbait.

        Toddler defies Hollywood! Watch this video to see how she reacted to hand drawn animation!

        • tjarmstrong

          As an animation fan, working professional and festival-founder, I enjoy moments like this. Its nice to see someone else immersed and moved by the medium we’ve all fallen in love with. It’s a bummer that you’re so fired up about it. Being upset about what someone posts on their own website is kind of a waste of energy. Go watch the Chipmunks and feel some feels.

        • bigbadballoon

          Heaven forbid there be some tomfoolery on an animation site. Is this video TRULY that insulting and painful for people?

      • AmidAmidi

        Big Bad Balloon – Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy of a tiny minority of readers. Just to build on your example, in an article from a few days ago, the animator of one of 2014′s most innovative short films explained his approach to making the film. And ZERO comments on the site itself—though plenty elsewhere.

        Comments don’t ultimately mean much, whether they’re on posts that deserve them or posts that don’t (like this one). There are other metrics like traffic and social interactions that determine whether a post successfully reached its audience. Because of Cartoon Brew’s scale, almost any article posted here reaches a significant readership—and it’s simply part of the game that some readers (again, a tiny minority) will overlook the bulk of the site’s content so they can pretend to be outraged.

        • KW

          How did I miss that article. Looks so awesome!

        • nother

          I don’t think it’s fair to call animatorunite a hypocrite. Their criticism is perfectly valid, and the votes suggest that their opinion is shared by more than a “tiny minority”. Anyway, nobody is claiming to be outraged.

          • bigbadballoon

            I disagree that the criticism is “perfectly valid”. For all the info and inspiration CB pours out on a daily basis it’s mind-numbing that someone feels the need to say something like “this is what CB has become?” It’s impossible to please everyone anyways. Especially us animation/art folk. Amirite, animatorunite? ;)

  • Nicholas

    ok , this is stupid, that cartoon is annoying, I hate that movie when I was a child, and obviously the child had been exposed to 3d animation films and series, its obviously that she would prefer that. Put her Ponyo or a Ghibli film , if she cries with that she really need more alt parents. Another thing,cartoon brew as animation network figure or as “animation media” don’t should create or promote this conception of hand-drawn disqualification in animation, you’re doing the same as Indiwire with the film vs digital filming. For me film and hand-drawn have soul, digital and 3d have just a clean aesthetic but its less natural appeling.

    • Fried

      Less natural appealing? I don’t know about you, but the dragons in How to Train Your Dragon are gorgeous and wouldn’t nearly look the same if they were in 2D because they were designed FOR 3D.

      Both mediums have their fair share of ugly, you know. At least with this new CGI movement, we have much more diversity with studio output and it’s not just Disney dominating the market (Despite their reign rising once again at the moment).

      If you don’t limit yourself to what America releases in theaters, there’s actually quite a few great 2D films coming out internationally people can check out. But if you just stay inside your bubble and depend on whatever Netflix has up on its queue well then… Yeah, no wonder people are “tired of CGI”.

    • Rafael

      “Put her Ponyo or a Ghibli film , if she cries with that she really need more alt parents.”

      Seriously?Ghibli? Grave of fireflies is one of the saddest animated movies I’ve ever seen.

  • name

    I don’t think this has anything to do with 2D vs 3D, more that there are few films with moving moments nowadays, I only see them in Pixar films like Up, Toy Story 3, Wall-E and Brave.

    • Fried

      The “moving moment” in this film is so generic and cheesy it makes Nut Job’s “sad moment” look like Mufasa’s death.

      Every animated film has a moment where the character is sad, typically 45 minutes in or close to the end (Or both). Just because you aren’t affected by Alex the Lion’s sad moment the same way you would be with Carl Fredrickson doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I mean, I don’t expect Madagascar to suddenly go “dead wife” on us.

  • Fried

    Maybe she’s crying because she saw the CGI films and then watched this and was devastated to see her favorite live-action-animation hybrid characters were butchered by 2D animation. I can’t wait for Chipmunks 4!

    • JK Riki

      Lol! (I hope.)

      Wait… is Chipmunks 4 an actual thing? I have no idea what’s a joke anymore… This industry…

    • Sinornithosaurus Millenii

      There’s a Chipmunks 3?

  • TBH

    still better than frozen

  • Mister Twister

    She thinks that’s sad?

    Gooooood……. I think she needs to now watch a certain scene from Avatar The Last Airbender. The one with Iroh. You know which one.

    • Tim

      I think it’s time l’il Susie watched Grave Of the Fireflies.

    • Funkybat

      If she’s a Snoopy fan, don’t show her “Snoopy Come Home.”

  • Mesterius

    Epic post, Amid! :D THIS seriously ought to be the featured case on the main page, rather than that by-the-numbers box office report on Big Hero 6 and Penguins of Madagascar.

    ..though I have to question one thing you say here: “…Hollywood has released just one hand-drawn feature over the last five years.” ONE feature? Now lessee… “The Princess and the Frog” came out in late 2009, then “Winnie The Pooh” near the summer of 2011. Those should both fall within the last five years, right? I know a lot of people forget Winnie The Pooh when talking about Disney’s recent hand-drawn efforts, but I wouldn’t have expected Cartoon Brew to do so.

    And… well, blimey! That actually makes the total number of hand-drawn features from Hollywood over the past five years TWICE as many as you pessimistically stated! Things are really looking up!

    • AmidAmidi

      Princess and the Frog was six years ago. Winnie the Pooh is the only film in the last of these five years:

  • zorobo

    certainly from this video, we the supposedly “animation critics” can learn alot by watching and analyse which part and what exactly triggered her emotional reaction. most shows these day dont have it at all.

  • Chicken McPhee

    Passive agressive never solved a thing.

  • Megan

    I just assumed she was crying cause the penguin was missing its mother. I wouldn’t say defile by any means. It just shows that hand drawn films can still hold a strong sense of emotion and story telling to a younger audience or audience in general. Side note: Pretty good film by the way

    • Bobby Bickert

      I would rate The Chipmunk Adventure above some of the Disney animated features from the 1970′s and 1980′s. It was the first movie that was rented after my family got its first VCR in 1988.

      • Megan

        Bobby, that is a pretty cool opinion and the VCR (Oh nostalgia!) is pretty cool too. Its actually been awhile since I’ve seen some of the 1970′s and 1980′s Disney films but I will definitely recheck those out again. Along with a few other films.

  • Googamp32

    There’s still hope!

  • starss

    … wow there seems to be some confusion. I think she’s crying for the penguin who lost its mother, not out of ignorance toward what’s “in” nowadays. She’s a toddler! She doesn’t have any way to argue the changing trends in business. That said, I remember this scene when I watched the movie years ago. I have it on VHS. Very moving.

  • Pedro Nakama

    And this video was viewed by the Hasbro executives and then they walked away from the DreamWorks purchase meeting.

  • Mike Scott


  • Trevour

    Just because cels aren’t part of the production process nowadays, doesn’t equate hand-drawn 2D to 3D. Digital ink & paint is just cheaper and faster, and is all good as long as it’s done right.

  • Matthew Broussard

    I’m 30 years old, and *I* still cry during that part of the movie. :(

  • Arthur

    Do cells have souls?

    • Dar

      Yes, cells have souls, my son.

  • FelineDelegate

    Maybe, she’s crying because she has to sit through one of the Alvin and the Chipmunks movies.

  • Timothy McKenzie

    This is the reason why people are still not in sympathy with what Hollywood movies and cartoons had become these days.

  • Dan

    This might be the worlds slowest news day in the entire history of this website.

  • Bullroarer

    Wow. They’d better keep this kid away from the “Baby Mine” scene in “Dumbo…”

  • jonhanson

    Love that you mentioned Metropolis, such a great movie that doesn’t get the respect it deserves. To me it’s right up there with Akira, which is probably my favorite film of all time. I also think more fans of Western animation should check it out because while it’s undeniably Japanese the character designs clearly show how Tezuka was influenced by Fleischer and the other great American studios of the 30s.

  • Felicia Savage

    Why is no one commenting on how friggin’ cute this is? :P

  • Hankenshift

    The kid is obviously crying because she’s watching something so bad. I mean, it was allegedly directed by an aged woman who played a tramp in a grind house film. Seriously. One of the worst cartoons of all time. Ever.

  • Funkybat

    That’s *one* way to try to convince people that 2D is still appealing to a mass audience. Probably not the most successful way……

  • Funkybat

    There can be a slight drop-off of rough charm if 2D is done purely digitally, but if an artist really wants to leave clean-up lines and flaws in there, it’s easy to do. The drop-off between 2D cel and 2D digital is infinitesimal compared to the mammoth shift in visual appeal between 2D drawn animation in any form vs. 3D. It takes a herculean effort to make 3D even close to as appealing as most well-animated 2D, not that Hollywood is inclined to see it that way.

    • Dar

      “but if an artist really wants to leave clean-up lines and flaws in there, it’s easy to do.”

      Well, that’s the problem right there, isn’t it?

      Computer animation, whether 2d or 3d lacks these subtle human imperfections. It’s too easy to fix mistakes.

      Also, don’t they both employ tweening?

      I suppose it’s alot like with digital vs practical movie fx: the former may look better, but there is something in knowing that some person(s) actually sat there and with their hands created these things bit by bit, thus my comment above about “soul”.

      • peter wassink

        Are you not aware that you can have paperless 2D (and yes also 3D) without tweening? I have been working 2D digital for more then a decade largely without ever “tweening”, it all depends on your choice of tools and how you apply them.

        • Dar

          Are you sure modern computer (2d+3d) animators DON’T use tweening?

          No tweening was used on “Princess and the Frog” or “Winnie the Pooh”?

  • guest-a-mate

    Does anyone know who animated the chipettes in this movie!!!?? It’s masterful!!!

    • Bobby Bickert

      I have no idea who animated this particular scene, but I’ve heard that laid-off Disney animators worked on The Chipmunk Adventure, including Glen Keane.

  • Jonathan Lyons

    Amid, it’s my guess that if you reviewed that movie, you would destroy it, and ask why anyone bothers to make them.

  • bigbadballoon

    Hush up, you. Cartoons aren’t supposed to be entertaining or humorous. Stop it with that hippie talk and get serious!

  • Alabasteropus

    Cost. Because of Cost.. its Cost.. cost… and … cost.

  • Bobby Bickert

    In Steven Spielberg’s “1941″, the top general goes to see Dumbo. He cries while watching the “Baby Mine” scene.