Claudio Acciari Claudio Acciari
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Artist of the Day: Claudio Acciari

Claudio Acciari

Claudio Acciari is an Italian artist who has worked in animation on major productions there, in Germany and in the U.S. He keeps a blog here full of studies, sketches, illustrations and oekaki doodles.

Claudio Acciari

Claudio appears to be a student and keen observer of graphic styles of past and present illustration and animation art which he incorporates into his work. The work he posts pushes into different visual directions depending on each project’s theme.

Claudio Acciari

Eastern and Western influences evident in the drawings come together harmoniously. Even where his designs seem comfortingly familiar–in an established vein–they still have the individual touch.

Claudio AcciariClaudio AcciariClaudio AcciariClaudio AcciariClaudio AcciariClaudio Acciari
  • Max W

    Wow, pretty amazing stuff!

  • Love the textures he gets from different media.

  • greg manwaring

    Claudio is Stupendo!

  • Karzay

    Talented guy!

  • Ara

    He is just perfect!!! Thank you for featuring him, he is one of my favorite artists!!!