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Artist of the Day: Elle Michalka

Elle Michalka

Elle Michalka is an artist from Texas who attended CalArts for a couple of years before leaving school to work in animation on productions such as Gravity Falls and more recently Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

Elle Michalka

The background paintings and personal landscape studies that she shares on her newer and older blogs are dynamic spaces and compositions created with reduced cartoon forms and carefully considered areas of light and dark color.

Elle MichalkaElle MichalkaElle Michalka

She creates a mysterious oceanside scene with even the simplest gray shapes and textures here in these personal doodles:

Elle MichalkaElle Michalka
  • Alex

    Where does she get her amazing ideas?

  • Kristen

    Elle is an incredible artist, and an even more incredible person. I cubed with her in college and I can’t say enough nice things about her! She’s always been on top of her game, has a great eye for appeal, and puts so much unique personality in each of her pieces. So glad she’s being given the attention she deserves!


    amazing work

  • nick

    Really beautiful work. What a talent this artist is. Posts like these, that provide an introduction to incredible work you may otherwise have never seen, makes coming to Cartoon Brew a worthwhile treat.

  • Beautiful sense of design.

  • I work with Elle on Gravity Falls and she’s insanely good. I like the new art posts!

  • The influence of the great Eyvind Earle does not go unnoticed. Admirable work. And a great artist!

  • Jushtin

    yeeah Elle!