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Artist of the Day: Gary Leib

Gary Leib

Gary Leib loves Halloween. Two years in a row Gary has created an original Halloween window installation at Desert Island in Brooklyn. Gary’s sketchbooks are full of grotesque faces and mutant monstrosities.

Gary Leib

Gary and Doug Allen are the artists behind the comic book Idiotland that was published by Fantagraphics in the mid ’90s. Gary also has created animation for the New York Times website, which can now be seen here.

Gary Leib

Gary’s website is here with a handful of different work examples, a newer, active blog is here with a lot of sketchbook material, and an older Twinkleland website is here, which is the production company that Gary operates.

Gary Leib

Gary was also the keyboardist of the Eighties New Wave/country music band Rubber Rodeo:

  • Doug Vitarelli

    love gary!

  • leah shore

    Gary is an inspiration to ALL. He is THE MAN!