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Artist of the Day: Justin Sweet

Justin Sweet

Justin Sweet works as a concept artist and illustrator developing the look of CGI-heavy films with his digital paintings. His recently updated website includes his latest work.

Justin SweetJustin SweetJustin Sweet

Justin also works in traditional media like oils, watercolor and pencils that create entirely different moods, perhaps because they also appear to be personal work and sketchbook material.

Justin SweetJustin SweetJustin Sweet

The three pieces above from Justin’s work on the recent Green Lantern and Snow White and the Huntsman films have the distinct, terrifying essence of the late Polish artist Zdzisław Beksiński’s work.

Justin Sweet
  • Tim Reckart

    Interesting to hear Zdzislaw Beksinski mentioned for the second time this week, when I had never head of him before! A friend shared this gallery of his work, for anyone who’s curious.

  • I’d love to see him design a production of DAS RHEINGOLD

  • A couple of nice swipes from … oops, “homages” to Frank Frazetta . . .

    Seriously, he’s got a nice style – the girl in the black forest is particularly good.