Louie del Carmen Louie del Carmen
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Artist of the Day: Louie del Carmen

Louie del Carmen

Continuing our week of looking into the work of The Croods crew, take a look at the work of Louie del Carmen who was a story artist on the movie. Louie’s website gallery features drawings, sketches, and examples of his storyboard work.

Louie del CarmenLouie del Carmen

Louie regularly produces personal projects such as original books and comics in addition to the work that he does in television and feature animation.

Louie del Carmen

Louie recently returned to television work from features to be a director for Dreamworks’ Dragons: Riders of Berk.

Louie del CarmenLouie del Carmen
  • Val

    I love Louie del Carmen’s work! (And I’m loving these artist-of-the-day posts)

  • jonhanson

    My first thought was, “I didn’t know he left Pixar!”

    A quick wikipedia search set me straight, what a talented family!