Nadya Mira Nadya Mira
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Artist of the Day: Nadya Mira

Nadya Mira

Nadya Mira is a Russian artist from Siberia currently studying at Gobelins in Paris. She has a portfolio here and a blog here.

Nadya MiraNadya Mira

There is strength and confidence in her line work even as she pushes her character designs beyond stock shapes and designs into strange and interesting territory.


Nadya MiraNadya MiraNadya MiraNadya MiraNadya Mira
  • z-k

    Excellent, excellent work.

  • don flores

    nice, they even showcased her sketch from the Cup O Doodle blog. very cool.

  • I love her!! Gorgeous work!!! Blowing my mind!

  • good work, I love the shapes