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Artist of the Day: Sam Bosma

Sam Bosma

Sam Bosma is an artist working in Maryland as an illustrator and teacher. His editorial illustrations are composed using the same narrative visual-language of comics and film. The sketches for an illustration published in the Wall Street Journal below reveal his process of working with an art director to identify the strongest composition of characters and scenery and the peak dramatic moment to capture in the final illustration. These are the same concerns of every visual story teller.

Sam Bosma Sam Bosma

Sam is a prolific artist and outside of his commercial illustrations he produces loads of characters and creatures in sketchbooks and comics. Here is a fan art drawing of San, from Sam’s “favorite movie,” Princess Mononoke:

Sam Bosma

You can see more of Sam’s work in his portfolio, blog and Tumblr.

Sam Bosma Sam Bosma Sam Bosma Sam Bosma
  • cc

    I highly suggest following him on tumblr- his stuff is always amazing. Love your work Sam Bosma!!

  • Beautiful and unconventional work. The first one reminds me a lot the manga Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

  • sharmylae

    that first image is the best thing. haunting and awesome. gonna check out more of his work!