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Artist of the Day: Sam Hiti

Sam Hiti

Sam Hiti is a machine with his brush and ink. The combination of looseness and confidence in his mark-making is powerful, and his years of drawing practice are evident. Sam’s story of being the solo writer, artist and self-publisher of his own work is inspiring to do-it-yourselfers and control freaks everywhere (which should include many animators). One of his self-published comics, Tiempos Finales, was optioned for development into a feature film by Focus Features not long after it was published, although it hasn’t come to fruition as a film yet. His website is here and his most active blog is here.

Lastly, check out this kick-ass cyborg tiger:


  • jordan reichek

    pretty stuff!

  • I’m a big fan of Cyborg Tiger.

    • Bob Harper

      You mean Cyger!

  • butter

    He`s using Sketchbook Pro! It does a good job at mimicking traditional mediums ;)

    • Luke

      ??? Do you mean ArtRage? Sketchbook Pro does not emulate traditional medium. Perhaps pencil… but not watercolor or inks.

    • L

      I can assure you its all hand drawn brush and ink (inside source)

  • Sam’s fantastic. I’ve got a bunch of his books, posters, sketchbooks, and a picture of a zombie pirate he drew hanging on my wall.