Debora Cruchon Debora Cruchon
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Artist of the Day: Debora Cruchon

Debora Cruchon

Debora Cruchon is studying animation at Gobelins, and keeps her portfolio work online here.

Debora Cruchon

She also has a blog, supersalmon, where you can find animated loops, charcoal drawings, and paintings.

Debora CruchonDebora CruchonDebora Cruchon

Her ink and watercolor sketchbook work have a playful experimentality, resulting in appealing and curious images.

Debora Cruchon
  • matt mozgiel

    fun stuff! keep it up, fantastic use of colour

  • dw

    Awesome stuff!!! Thanks, Chris for posting all this great art. This section is exactly what the brew was missing.