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Gina Thorstensen

Gina Thorstensen

Take a look at Gina Thorstensen’s work on her blog and website. She creates illustrations, puppets and animation with a variety of media.

Gina Thorstensen

She often collaborates with Nacho Rodríguez and others on animated music videos which they produce via their Thorstencoo Productions. This is their video for the track “Bla Bla Bla” for the Mexican band Jumbo:

Surprisingly in the notes on the Vimeo page, Thorstencoo reveals that this was put together in Flash despite its heavy use of raster graphics more typically composited in After Effects or another type of program. Gina and Nacho also surprise with the fluid animation that they coax out of all the mixed scanned/photographed/drawn elements in this production.

Characters that Gina designed for a short film in production called “Astigmatismo” by Nicolai Troshinsky can also be seen bouncing around looking fantastic in the teaser clips available on the film’s website.

Gina Thorstensen
  • Brian K

    Thanks for sharing. I really like how the animation styles just flow from one to another and comfortably co-exists. It’s pretty amazing how many animated music videos are coming out for bands of all sizes and statures, but also to see more collaborations with different types of artists as part of that.

  • Dear Chris McD,
    I’m happy that you’re all over my internet.
    love, Phil

  • Greg

    Gina and Nacho are amazing and keep getting better with every experiment

  • anik

    Amazing beautiful work!