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Happy T-Day


Lev Polyakov sent this Thanksgiving greeting below.


Happy Holidays to everyone.

  • Nice drawing there. Happy Thanksgiving too!

    Also, I bet some others who visit this place saw it too, and I must say that watching Cartoon Network’s float (Foster’s Home characters singing Queen’s ‘You’re My Best Friend’) was disturbing. I wonder if Brian May had a say in this…he’s kind of busy though – he’s the chancellor at a major university in Liverpool!

  • red pill junkie

    Feliz Día de Acción de Gracias, my gringo brewers ;-)

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

  • Dave

    The Foster’s float would have re-enacted the Kennedy assassination on its 44th anniversary but they probably couldn’t get it to look enough like Flash.

  • “The yams did it !! The yams ! The yams did it….!!!”

    Happy Thanksgiving Jerry and Amid and all the ships at sea.

  • Keith Paynter

    Happy American Thanksgiving, from north of the 49th! Don’t get yourselves killed on Black Friday!

    “He’s in there! He’s in there! He’s in there! He’s in there! He’s in there!…”

    Cheers, everybody!

  • RR

    Sorry this has nothing to do with Thanksgiving, I just noticed that new “BUMPER BLASTOFF” banner ad at the top of the page.

    It advertises work from “EIGHT CONTINENTS!” …have new land masses been discovered that I’m not aware of? :)

  • red pill junkie

    Hey RR, I suppose the man-made Great Pacific Garbage Patch might count as a new continent :-(

    Sorry for the un-holidayness of my comment, but maybe some creative guy reading this thread might some day choose to make a short or movie about it. An artist has to be aware of the world around him… and the garbage is becoming a VERY BIG part of that world.

  • Oh, those yams! Those backgrounds!

    Tom Turk and Daffy was one of my favorite holiday traditions but I haven’t had a copy for years. Just in case someone working on volume 6 of the DVDs is reading this.