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Monday Morning Inspiration

Miguel Covarrubias

Beautiful cartoon covers from 1930s Vanity Fair. Courtesy of illustrator Stephen Kroninger whose blog is filled with inspiring cartoon and illustration art. For starters, try here, here and here.

  • Amazing! Thanks for posting it and the link!

  • Chuck R.

    Awesome! I especially love the upright dino’s head against the flat red sky. I think there’s an entire art lesson in that one animal design. Be sure to scroll down to the final image by Garetto (featuring FDR as a puppeteer). It’s wonderful, right down to the tiny cluster of fine print.

    Thanks for posting, Amid!

  • Charles

    Whoa! Terrific graphic design. The covers alone are worth buying theses magazines even today.

    Here’s a great web site of vintage Esquire magazine covers, if interested.