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Ray Bradbury by Lou Romano

Ray Bradbury by Lou Romano

Animation artist Lou Romano (The Incredibles, Up) makes a strong case for using illustrations on magazine covers with this attractive cover for Written By magazine in honor of Ray Bradbury’s ninetieth birthday. Better still, there’s an artwork-heavy post on Lou’s blog documenting the creative process for this illustration.

  • Fantastically gorgeous. Romano is a unique talent, but there’s never been any question of that, has there?

  • Bill Field

    Amid, I couldn’t agree more! Lou is an amazingly gifted guy, and his caricature of Ray is absolutely priceless!

  • Fantastic cover!

  • Gobo

    It’s heartening to see that brilliant creative people like Lou Romano are indecisive at times, too :)

  • Great caricature!

  • Pretty amazing to see all that went into this final piece. Turned out great!-Funny thing is that the other versions also looked great. How do you decide which great to go with?

  • Super cool! Two of my heros, Ray Bradbury and Lou Romano. Thanks guys, for enriching our lives.

  • Greg M.

    Guys like Lou and Eggman, as well as a few others, are our generations Mary Blair!