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Artist of the Day: Richie Pope

Richie Pope

Richie Pope is an artist living in Virginia and working as an illustrator.

Richie Pope

In his work Richie emphasizes the textures of his materials and uses a lively line to draw scenes and characters, often with an animated influence. Comics appreciation is also an influence on Richie’s work. Richie is contributing to the Bartkira project being orchestrated by artist James Harvey in which volunteers each re-draw five pages of the original AKIRA manga in their own styles while replacing all characters with characters from The Simpsons.

Richie Pope

You can see Richie’s work here.

Richie PopeRichie PopeRichie PopeRichie Pope
  • DD

    Lovely work. I’m definitely adding him to my bookmarks.

  • Sterling

    Well discovered artist. Richie, I’m proud of you!

  • philip vose

    perhaps one of the most unique and skillful artists that have been shown here. the love of creating is quite clear in his work…

  • Grady Williams

    Those first two made me click the link to see more, nice work!

  • stephen

    dang! good stuff.

  • Nicole

    He’s great!!